Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dear UVA Law 1Ls,

If you have any inclination at all that you might be working for a Virginia organization that goes to court (Legal Aid, public defender, Commonwealth’s or County's Office , US Attorney’s Office) next summer, either because you have an actual interest in criminal law/litigation or because the private sector sucks, get your Third Year Practice Rule Certificate. It will allow you to actually talk to the judge and represent clients in court. EITE, you’re going to want to make yourself as attractive a candidate as possible. Public sector employers have asked about the Third Year Certificate in every interview I did. Just go ahead and take these classes and make yourself the most attractive candidate you can.

The Virginia State Bar Professional Guidelines 2007-2008:

Here's the important requirement, assuming you haven't been caught cheating on an exam lately:
(iii) Be certified by the dean of his law school, or by the attorney under whom he is studying in the case of a law reader, as being of good character and competent ability, and as having completed satisfactorily a course or program of study in each of the following: criminal law, professional ethics, evidence and procedure.
NB: The above only applies to Virginia legal organizations. You will still want to check with the State Bar in other states to see their requirements.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice

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This poster has questionable fashion sense

jb4tw said...

It really is great advice, where do you get your material?

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moar posts about vests please.


Anonymous said...

This is also true for some of the clinics 3L year, like Prosecution and Criminal Defense.

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Bring back FFJ!