Saturday, March 14, 2009

Follow up to Rule 12 (f)'s hypo

It looks like the opportunity cost of taking the deal is about $100,000 and one year towards partner (plus whatever raises you would push back and presumably fail to get interest on). This also assumes that $160,000 (or $145,000 or whatever "market" is in your area) is still untouchable - my instincts tell me no.

I wonder if the people who don't take the deal are easier to say goodbye to in layoffs than those who show up to work every day. Or harder to layoff because of the large sunk cost of firing somebody who hasn't generated any billables for you yet.

One more variable to consider is how long the offer is good. If you had several months to job search to be sure you had something interesting lined up, that might lead one to take it - eventually. Taking the deal then trying to line something up would be involve more uncertainty.

All in all though, the chance to score a genius grant for a year would prove too enticing. I'd live at home, volunteer (more less) at whatever prosecutor's office or legal services organization would have me, and take a go at getting something published.

Here's what my evil doppelgänger would do: take the money, get a BigLaw job with another firm, and clear a cool $240,000 for the year. Not bad, EITE.

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