Sunday, March 22, 2009

Harris Teeter: Great Store, Or Greatest Store?

On Friday afternoon I was so distraught about what was happening in Boise that I - quite inadvertently - threw all caution to the wind.

I went to Harris Teeter to go get some bleach (got to keep those softball jerseys nice and white!) and realized that after drinking away the pain inflicted by the Missouri Tigers at B-Dubs, I was a bit low on cash. So, at the self-checkout dealy, we not only got the bleach but also decided to get "cash back" on our debit card. However, I was so distraught that, after showing the guy my ID to get that 5% discount, I simply grabbed my bleach and receipt, ignored the flashing thing on the display that said "DON'T FORGET TO TAKE YOUR CASH", and simply walked out, hopped on my bike, and sped away - forgetting, of course, to take my cash.

That was around 6 PM. It wasn't until 9 PM that I realized my error. Frantically, I dashed out of my place and flew into my SUV (yea, I guess I should have biked what with the environment and need for cross-training and all, but I wasn't thinking clearly).

I got to HT at around 9.07, and went to check if the cash was still there - I mean - we're not talking about a computer or a textbook here - I thought maybe, just maybe, it'd still be there. Nope.

Then I went to customer service thinking - hoping - that perhaps some good Samaritan had turned the money in. I talked to the manager and explained to in my sob story. I produced the receipt from the self-checkout place (which I had, in fact, managed to save), and recounted my stupidity. No, he said, no one had come and turned in a wad of cash from self-checkout center. I mumble something about the honor code . . .

But then - the manager talked it over with . . . some other mid-level employee, went into his office - and gave me all the cash I had lost. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, whil I've always been erstwhile Wegmans supporter (an Upstate NY behemoth that is slowly creeping south), I gotta say I just don't see this happening anyway where else. In New York they'd probably not only have the money for me but yell profanities at me to get the **** out. Even in NOVA they'd just politely send me on my way, snickering a bit. (OK, obviously I'm being a bit tongue-and-cheek here, stop emailing me). But here - in C-ville - I found a place that really values its customers.

Good show, Harris Teeter, good show. As long as I am in Charlottesville (or any other place with a Harris Teeter), I am never shopping anywhere else.


Anonymous said...

This is a nice story, and I'm glad that you got your cash back. That said, I swear I've saved more than a hundred bucks this year by shopping exclusively at Kroger. The prices are just that much lower!

Rule 12 (f) said...

Well, I will admit that prices on everyday stuff such as cold cults, bread, cheese, and milk are somewhat lower at Kroger. Also those crackers w/ cheese I buy everyday for lunch.

However, HT has some sweet deals that Kroger does not - I find that things like chips and other snack food are cheaper at HT. Beer is cheaper there, too, usually (20 pack of miller lite for 10.49 now), and so Beef Jerkey. Produce is 'bout the same, and soup is too.

And 2.99 subs? Forget about it!