Sunday, March 15, 2009


We propose a new term to be entered into the UVA Lawexicon - "Jonny Flynn Lift".

For those who don't know who Jonny Flynn is, he's the sophomore point guard for the Syracuse Orange basketball team. A 6'0'', 19 year-old native of Niagra Falls, NY, he is a top NBA prospect even now. He averages around 20 points per game and delivers in the clutch like no one else.

Flynn plaid 67 minutes in the six-OT win over favored Conneticuit in the quarter-finals of the Big East tournament, and essentially won it for his team (being one of the only starters not to foul out), and then the next day played 45 minutes in an overtime win against West Virginia. Even though his team lost the tournament in a heartbreaker against Louisville, Flynn was awarded the MVP for the Big East tournament.

Anyway, yesterday morning before the championship game against Louisville, Flynn's teammates were exhausted after having to play to successive overtime games. But not Flynn: while his teammates were getting massages and ice baths and g-d knows what else to prepare for the big game, Flynn was in the gym of his Manhattan hotel, lifting weights and getting jacked-up, because conditioning wins championships.

So we propose that everytime you go to the gym to get huge before IM soccer, football, or basketball or NGSL or whatever the action be designated a Jonny Flynn lift, as an homage to his manliness / awesomeness.

Rubesoisie: Who? What?


Anonymous said...

syracuse out in 2nd round. big east = TTT

Rule 12 (f) said...

Big East has three number one seeds . . . name a conference that's better?

Anonymous said...

Big Ten

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Even if Big East is the best, they are at the least somewhat overrated.

Anonymous said...

Wow if you really think the Big Ten is better than the Big East you should not be allowed to watch a college basketball game ever again.

ACC guy is just a homer but still wrong.