Tuesday, April 21, 2009

15-minute review: Asian Fusion Chinese Buffet

FFJ and I decided to check out the new Asian Fusion buffet (hat tip: Rhino via Mrs. Rhino). Its in the same shopping center as Cici's up on 29. No pictures today and an abbreviated run-down of the restaurant (hat tip: exams/papers via law profs).

Decor: Very nice. A fountain and decorative stuff on the wall. Flower paintings.

Ambiance: Not many people there. And considering what I'm about to tell you, we need to get this place some buzz. Seriously, I don't know if I can eat at the previously reviewed Chinese place anymore.

Service: Efficient - but see above about not many people being there - so maybe too efficient. Then again, sure, I'll take 5 refills in 30 minutes on my Dr. Pepper.

Food: Amazzzing. It has all of the usual Chinese samplings, but better. The General Tso's chicken, fried rice, and other various chicken dishes were all fantastic. Also, this place would be worth the price of dinner even just for the sushi. Best I've ever had at a buffet and it rivaled sushi at real places.

Price - $15 (for dinner, including drink and tip)

Overall grade - A


Anonymous said...

Thanks! These posts are always enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Stopped by today on this blog's recommendation, and the place was excellent. It had great variety in the regular buffet area and the sushi was extremely impressive for a buffet. I didn't try the fresh grill offerings, though they looked of equal caliber. Plus the bathrooms had those accelerated air hand dryers, which are always a plus. Thanks for the recommendation.