Monday, April 06, 2009

Golden Corral Reviewed

This week’s culinary exploration takes Team UVA Law Blog to Golden Corral for some good old fashioned comfort food. Rhino subbed in for Justincredible for Monday’s lunch adventure. GC is located up 29 (further up than Cici’s) next to the gigantic post office. Exams are approaching and GC was kind of uninspiring so I'm keeping this pretty short.

Tough to say. Monday at 2:15 is not usual GC time for most folks – perhaps we should have reviewed GC to get the Sunday after-church crowd feeling.
Grade – Incomplete

Kind of lame. There were some hanging signs extolling fresh ingredients and old person window dressings, which were nondescript colors and shiny plastic-y fabrics likely designed to repel smoke and body odor. Windows not only let in light from the outside, but also into views of the other sections – a little strange.
Grade - C

At GC you pay up front and get your first drink. From there, a team member refills your drinks and gets you clean plates. The team member at the register was a little rude, but the waitress was efficient and pleasant.
Grade – B-

Everything in the world. I heaped my first plate with the following oddly matched items: mashed potatoes, chicken wings, turkey with gravy, mini cheeseburgers, and broccoli. The wings were a little overcooked but nonetheless fairly delicious. Somehow even the broccoli managed to taste unhealthy, as though they’d cooked it in butter or something (which they probably did). Round two included cornbread (which Rhino thought was among the best items on the menu, particularly when complemented with the unnaturally yellow butter), cheesesteak (the Special of the Month, consisting of grilled cheese with roast beef smashed into a ball in the middle), more mini cheeseburgers, and cauliflower (or white broccoli, as Rhino calls them). Rhino reports that he and T-Pain highly recommend the buffalo chicken nugs with the extra creamy and buttery ranch. The waitress brought rolls, which were fairly succulent. The dessert offerings are probably the highlight of GC. Encompassing nearly as many square feet as the entrees, GC delighted the palate with the usual standbys – softserve icecream with toppings (Gummy Bears!), chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, carrot cake – with some more ambitious desserts, such as fudge, fudge brownies, fudge cake, cookie cake, and pepperoni pizza. Of course, the pizza sat next to the desserts, where else would it go? Make sure to sample the bread pudding, which is in the top 10 things I’ve eaten this week.
Grade - B

Free – T-Pain hit me back.

Rhino sums up:
Unfortunately for GC, relative to the other places reviewed (which, although I did not attend the specific expedition to these locations, I also frequent), I would place it last. The real problem is that their vast array of items ultimately results in too few quality outcomes. While the Chinese buffet is far from gourmet, several of the items meet or exceed the quality you would expect from any other generic Chinese spot. CiCi's is not Mellow [Mushroom] quality, but it is remarkably consistent. GC was only ok, sometimes well below that, and even the things that should have been good (e.g. fried chicken) were a far cry from comparable or cheaper places (e.g. Popeyes).

Overall Grade - B-


Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoy these reviews, I think they would be better if you compared them to their immediate competition. How is Golden Corral compared to Wood Grill. How is Cici's compared to Pizza Hut buffet. Or maybe I have just seen too many brackets lately that it is distorting my thinking.

Anonymous said...

woodgrill is 20 times better than GC. hit that up next, son

justincredible said...

pics or it never happened.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!