Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Good Weekend For Softball, PT 1

What Can You Do?: NESL scores a run as Co-Rec Orange tries to get the ball in from right field

NESL Put Up an Impressive Win Over Co-Rec Orange; UVA Fans Look On

The cleanup hitter for Men's Orange needs the right bat...

Sadly, Roger Williams put too many men on base for Men's Orangeto keep up

Home Run for NESL

A little blurry . . . but look at that stance!

Dugout View: In this inning UVA held Roger Williams to no runs, but the defensive stand wasn't enough . . .

US News never lies: Georgetown crushed George Washington


Friendship is what softball is all about!!

More - and hopefully better quality - soon!


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly small bat you have there, Justin.

justincredible said...

it only looks small in comparison to my enormous frame. 28oz/34in son. that's a man's bat.

btw rule 12(f), roger williams put up too many runs for "orange" to handle - not "gold."

Rule 12 (f) said...

quite right, fixed