Thursday, April 09, 2009

PSA: Softball, PAs

Two things:

As far as Softball goes
  • Canceling your game on a day like today (sunny, 65 degrees) because you can't get numbers: Highly dubious.
  • Canceling your game on a *Friday* because you can't get numbers: What???
We also heard that they announce the new PAs soon. We look forward to a week of grumbling and hearing, in particular, "it's all a popularity contest" and "they selected HER/HIM?! I don't believe it!"

In Rule 12(f)'s Law School everyone who wants to be a PA gets to be one. We would have a 1:1 PA:Student ratio. US News would love us!

Srsly, good luck everyone . . .


Anonymous said...

A ton of folks are probably headed home for Easter and their last familial contact before exams and their summer jobs in distant cities.
Any other canceling on a Friday for lack of numbers would be highly suspect, however.

Anonymous said...

People might, like, actually want JOBS and therefore might, like, wanna study.

Anonymous said...

then, like, stop reading this blog and go study so, like, you can get a job, biatch

Anonymous said...

Is there a good, non-libidinal reason why people want to be PAs?

I don't understand the allure.

Anonymous said...

8:16 - I have never understood all that angst over getting the position either. It's just like a Social Tryout (as opposed to the journal one).