Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Someone Stole Money from PAW Review

Stealing laptops / textbooks: really really bad.

Stealing money from charity devoted to helping animals: outttrageous.

This makes us pretty angry. Times are tough, but which one of you is stealing from a charity? If anyone knows anything about it, you should go contact the administration. Be on the look out for this sort of thing: your vigilance is what helps keep people honest. (And of course their desire to actually *be* honest).


JB4TW said...


Anonymous said...

Obviously, this was a lousy thing to do. Stealing a laptop is much, much worse, if only because it is worth so much money.

I for one, would not expel this person (unless they took all of it). But there should be some kind of punishment.

Anonymous said...

5:53 shows how out-of-touch and full of themselves most law students are. Since apparently some of us need to be reminded:

Stealing from charities (especially one supporting puppies >>>>> Stealing from law students

Anonymous said...

What are the details on this? How did anyone find out it happened?

Anonymous said...

5:53pm - you should try shoplifting sometime and see if your logic works.

People, this is not about stealing a laptop versus stealing from puppies versus stealing textbooks. This is about stealing, period.

Our building is a public building, so it's not a foregone conclusion that a law student stole the money. But if it's a law student and s/he is found out, there's no "graduated" punishment scale with the bar examiners, nor under the Honor Code.

(And no I'm not inviting a debate on the merits of the single sanction. It is what it is until the school changes it).

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that it's a law student. Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes on the Law campus knows about the Honor Code and the Bar Exam/Character & Fitness. Would a law student (one smart enough to get into UVA) risk all that to snag a few bucks? Seems unlikely (although some people are pretty damn stupid). Lots of people are in and out of this building everyday, so it really could be anyone

Anonymous said...

9:20's comment strikes me as odd. 5:53 seems to be saying that stealing a lot of money is worse than stealing a little money. One could argue that he or she pays insufficient attention to the ultimate party stolen from, but the notion that stealing something worth $2,000.00 is worse than stealing, what, $100.00, is hardly as ridiculous at 9:20 suggests.

Anonymous said...

THE HONOR CODE AT UVA DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING! Seriously -- what does it get us? Nothing. You can't even use your name alone to get into the gym or check out a book. A few people steal other people's stuff. A few people cheat. Its not bad, its just like every other school. People who think its different need to wake up