Friday, May 15, 2009

We're Out

Summer is upon us. Which means (as you may have surmised) no more furious blogging from us. It's been a good year (in some respects) and a difficult year in others - we hope you've enjoyed reading as much as we have enjoyed writing. Feel free to use the comments to talk about what you like, or something you'd want to see improved.

And good luck this summer, where-ever you may be. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Law Review People are Better at Video Games, Too

Congratulations to "Robert S", who won the first annual UVA Law Blog Desktop Tower Defense contest in both the medium and hard categories (NB: the contest was only for v. 1.5, not for the "Pro" version, which came out in the middle of finals . . .). "Robert S" beat "Bored" - the only other real contender as we entered the stretch - by a mere 28 points in the medium category and 32 points in the hard category (basically, one life and a few seconds).

Congrats, Robert - you've won a gift card to . . . [I'll probably let you choose where] !

It's Time - The First Annual UVA Law Blog Desktop Tower Defense Contest

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hey, At Least You Don't Goto Yale

Yale's new tuition figures are up - no wonder they always beat us in US New's dollars-per-student column. FACT: You would pay over $7k more in tuition to go to Yale (or over $21k over three years). Of course, if you're an out-of-state student, the number is only $2.4k. Not insignificant though.

Single Student Budget Married Student Budget
Tuition $46,200 $46,200
& Activities Fees
$2,140 $2,140
Room, Board and
Personal Expenses
$16,000 $21,100
Books $1,100 $1,100
University Hospitalization
$1,800 $1,800
Total $67,240 $72,340

Breaking: New Tuition Announced

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

BREAKING: New Tuition Announced

J.D. Costs, 2009-10
Virginia Resident
Tuition and Fees:
Room, Board, and Miscellaneous:
Books and Supplies:

This represents a tuition increase of $2k for both instate and out of state, or an increase of a little over 5% for instate, and a little under 5% for out of state.

While this is not necessarily what we wanted (See: our "close second" in the SBA Presidential Race) - $2,000 (plus interest) is a lot of money especially in this economy, and with many 2Ls having jobs that are paying less or not paying at all - it could have been worse. Last year's increase was almost double this, and we surmise that UVA will still be on the cheap end of top 14 law schools when all is said and done.

Maybe it's the way of the world: students in aggregate will be earning less this year as they graduates (salaries and bonuses cut, less jobs, etc.), and the next round will pay more in tuition. But, it could have been worse, and we thank the BoV for not making it more so. It indicates that maybe the BOV considered the students' frustration with the rising tuition issue, given the bad economy.

The links below give thoughts on tuition increases, previous campaigns, proposals for multi-layered plans, etc, so we won't repeat ourselves or any one else here. Please sound off in the comments, though.

And good luck to everyone down the stretch with exams.

EDIT: Sorry the formatting does not work on some browsers . . .

2009-2010 Tuition and Fees
This Post Brought to You By Higher Tuition
Please Don't Raise Tuition Again

Monday, May 04, 2009

Swine Flu at W&L

I know this happened a few days ago - but I heard about for the first time earlier today - Lexington is pretty close, right? From a special website set up by W & L:
The following are Frequently Asked Questions about the cases of confirmed and probable H1N1 influenza at Washington and Lee:

Q. Why isn't the University canceling classes?

All decisions regarding University operations are being driven by the best medical advice available. Health officials from the Virginia Department of Health at both the local and state level and our own Student Health Service continue to support the decision to keep the campus open at this point.

The flu symptoms to date have been mild, and students are recovering after treatment. We continue to assess the situation on an ongoing basis in consultation with officials at the local and state levels.

Q. Are campus activities being canceled?

Activities are all currently continuing as scheduled.

Q. Where can students go for medical attention?

Any Washington and Lee student experiencing flu-like symptoms should contact the Student Health Center. We would ask students to telephone at 8401 (540-458-8401) before coming to the Center so that personnel can prepare appropriately.

Q. What should you do if you suspect that someone may be suffering from the flu?

You should urge them to contact either Student Health or their physician to be evaluated.

Q. Who are the students who tested positive or probable for H1N1 flu and where are they now?

The identities and specific locations of the students are not being released; doing so is a violation of both the federal HIPAA Privacy Rule and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The students who tested positive for H1N1 flu are recovering rapidly after treatment.

Q: How will I know if I might have been exposed to one of the student influenza cases?

A: Each student with influenza has been questioned about any close contacts with other individuals or congregate settings such as classes in the 24 hours before onset of symptoms and after symptoms began. The staff of the Student Health Center have contacted any individuals whom they think may have been exposed to these known cases, and have given them the available options to try to prevent influenza after exposure.

Read more.
Maybe we should all stop breathing until this whole thing blows over . . . if you are sick, please don't come to school. You owe it to we, the living, to take an F on your remaining exam(s) for the team.

(KIDDING, obvi. Tell the powers that be and I am sure they can set you up in one of the private rooms to take your exam).

Stealing books during finals week, or why is the law school turning into New Jack City?

Well folks, we just got word that another textbook was stolen - this time from the student mailboxes. So just another cautionary note that if you have something of worth lying around the law school that isn't apparently bolted (!) to the floor, it can, and very possibly will, be stolen.

In case the culprit is reading this (if you are, we hope you are the victim of a Candiru attack - 1:40), we're unclear as to why you stopped with the textbook and didn't take the 1) bag of fun-sized Snickers in the mailbox to the right or 2) zip-lock bag of delicious looking homemade cookies in the mailbox below. No human decency but a health nut huh? Great. We're sure Barbaro will appreciate the lighter load when you are riding on him in Hell (and this may be the last time we get to post).

PS. if you were trying to sabotage the student's grade, unless you are also the inventor of bubble spinner (in which case, kudos), then someone else had already beaten you to it.

Thefts of Laptops, Other Valuables Envelop Law School

Sunday, May 03, 2009

OPEN THREAD: What Would You Do If You Weren't in LS (Lottery Win Optional)

After a long and tiring afternoon of studying (ie watching Millionaire Matchmaker with my corporations hornbook closed on my coffee table but in my line of sight), I started to ponder the road not taken. What exactly would I be doing if I hadn't decided to come to law school?

The answer can back in a flash: clearly, I'd have won the lottery.

Accordingly, instead of being inside pretending to study, this would be me right now:

(I'm the one not in the goofy palm frond headpiece)

So, thought question for the day, what would you be doing if you never had to study for another final ever again?

One man's answer: Open a Nude Dude Ranch.

Last volley then I'm done

Barracks Road Shopping Center - w4m - 26 (Charlottesville)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-02, 9:43PM EDT

I was walking out of a store and you were in your car. You were a gentleman and wanted to let me cross in front of your car, but I smiled and told you it was ok. You looked cute--are you single? Even after you drove away I could swear you were still trying to look at me as I was staring at you. I was wearing jeans and a grey hooded sweatshirt. Tell me where at barracks it was and I'll know it was you. It was after Saturday 5/2/2009 after 6 pm but before 7:30 pm.

  • Location: Charlottesville
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Notice that it doesn't say "You were a gentleman and sped right by me, almost knocking my bags out of my hands. You looked cute --are you single?"

Friday, May 01, 2009

The End . . .

. . . Of the cushy-law student summer internship? Forbes magazine thinks so. Here's the article - may be of interest to some:

The summer job of a second-year law student has traditionally been one of the cushiest around. The associates hired by corporate firms for the season between their second and third years of law school could depend on being wined and dined at the fanciest restaurants, taken to concerts and ballgames and invited to schmooze with partners at lavish cocktail parties. Many days, the hardest part of the job would be choosing what five-star restaurant to go to for lunch.

All this at the salary of a first-year attorney, the equivalent of more than $100,000 a year.

This was always done in the name of wooing top-performing law students to say yes to the job offer they were almost sure to receive at the end of the summer. The top law firms competed so hard to land the best and the brightest that they'd pull stunts like renting out Fenway Park so attorneys and summer associates could play a friendly game of baseball. That's an actual annual event at the Boston firm Ropes & Gray.

This summer will look very different. More than 2,200 attorneys have been laid off since last fall. Some firms are asking their lawyers to take pay cuts while doing pro bono work for a year instead of coming into the office. The lavish life of the summer associate is a thing of the past--at least for now.

Read more.

When we worked at Legal Aid last summer they had really nice free coffee and cocoa. Hopefully, they won't cut back on that. In related news, the Hiring Partner Advice Blog has, well, advice for new summer associates, which is fairly useful and answers some specific questions (i.e. "what should I wear / bring to work on the first day", etc.)

5月1日隨即的事情: Exams Make Everything All Scattering

Free donuts today along with our free coffee - KACHING! At this rate, Law School is practically payign for itself - and there's no better way to annihilate an hour at the gym in 10 seconds. Afterwords, gastronomic pleasure flowed through us like some kind of wonderful drug - it really is impossible to be both stuffed and stressed at the same time. Thanks alumni! When the time comes for us to give back to the Law School (in the form of donuts), we won't hesitate...

Sadly the effect wore off. But at least finals are more or less halfway done. And we know a few 3Ls who are * totally * done at this point. Sort of a cause for envy on the one hand, but how you really be jealous of someone who's UVA LS experience is almost over (at least a student, and not a donut-providing alumnus/nae).

Here's one thing that's been on our minds - why is that 2L and 3L (and 1L electives) are Flex exams, but 1L required courses are fixed. Is it because the powers-that-be think that the 1Ls need help "scheduling" when to take their exams, handling the stress, etc? Or is it because they're concerned that the 1Ls aren't fully sold on the honor code and would talk about the exams with people who haven't taken it yet?

On a related note, what's with all the 1L study groups everywhere? It seems like every time we're on North Grounds (disclaimer: usually only for athletics or to actually take an exam), there's 3-6 first-years sitting, talking about "substantive due process" or something. Here's a hint: Prof's like to make exams topical, so go find (1) everything Souter has ever written and (2) read up on the process of how vacancies in the SCOTUS arise and are filled.

TLDR version: A bunch of boring musings - skippable. Sorry there's not been much recently, we've been kind of busy. T&E looms - well, where there is a will there is a way.