Friday, May 01, 2009

5月1日隨即的事情: Exams Make Everything All Scattering

Free donuts today along with our free coffee - KACHING! At this rate, Law School is practically payign for itself - and there's no better way to annihilate an hour at the gym in 10 seconds. Afterwords, gastronomic pleasure flowed through us like some kind of wonderful drug - it really is impossible to be both stuffed and stressed at the same time. Thanks alumni! When the time comes for us to give back to the Law School (in the form of donuts), we won't hesitate...

Sadly the effect wore off. But at least finals are more or less halfway done. And we know a few 3Ls who are * totally * done at this point. Sort of a cause for envy on the one hand, but how you really be jealous of someone who's UVA LS experience is almost over (at least a student, and not a donut-providing alumnus/nae).

Here's one thing that's been on our minds - why is that 2L and 3L (and 1L electives) are Flex exams, but 1L required courses are fixed. Is it because the powers-that-be think that the 1Ls need help "scheduling" when to take their exams, handling the stress, etc? Or is it because they're concerned that the 1Ls aren't fully sold on the honor code and would talk about the exams with people who haven't taken it yet?

On a related note, what's with all the 1L study groups everywhere? It seems like every time we're on North Grounds (disclaimer: usually only for athletics or to actually take an exam), there's 3-6 first-years sitting, talking about "substantive due process" or something. Here's a hint: Prof's like to make exams topical, so go find (1) everything Souter has ever written and (2) read up on the process of how vacancies in the SCOTUS arise and are filled.

TLDR version: A bunch of boring musings - skippable. Sorry there's not been much recently, we've been kind of busy. T&E looms - well, where there is a will there is a way.

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Anonymous said...

Haha the 1L comment is so true. Seeing as I overheard a 1L in SC complain that she can't function without the exams being fixed, yes, I would say they are helpless rather than dishonest. Hand holding has not yet been ruptured.