Tuesday, May 05, 2009

BREAKING: New Tuition Announced

J.D. Costs, 2009-10
Virginia Resident
Tuition and Fees:
Room, Board, and Miscellaneous:
Books and Supplies:

This represents a tuition increase of $2k for both instate and out of state, or an increase of a little over 5% for instate, and a little under 5% for out of state.

While this is not necessarily what we wanted (See: our "close second" in the SBA Presidential Race) - $2,000 (plus interest) is a lot of money especially in this economy, and with many 2Ls having jobs that are paying less or not paying at all - it could have been worse. Last year's increase was almost double this, and we surmise that UVA will still be on the cheap end of top 14 law schools when all is said and done.

Maybe it's the way of the world: students in aggregate will be earning less this year as they graduates (salaries and bonuses cut, less jobs, etc.), and the next round will pay more in tuition. But, it could have been worse, and we thank the BoV for not making it more so. It indicates that maybe the BOV considered the students' frustration with the rising tuition issue, given the bad economy.

The links below give thoughts on tuition increases, previous campaigns, proposals for multi-layered plans, etc, so we won't repeat ourselves or any one else here. Please sound off in the comments, though.

And good luck to everyone down the stretch with exams.

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2009-2010 Tuition and Fees
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SwampPoodle said...

Truly depressing numbers to see in black and white.

Maybe even more depressing than being on page 267 of 602 in our corporations hornbook.

Anonymous said...

what they think people are spending 17k on room and board is maybe very realistic but probably too high. NYU (in the west village for those who don't know) estimates 20k a year. Considering rent is probably 3 or 4+ times higher in the village someone has got be to a bit unrealistic about this

Rule 12 (f) said...

Well that's just the maximum amount that you can borrow, not that they think everyone will spend that much. Some people have families, additional needs, etc. You can always borrow less than the full amount if you can/want.

Anonymous said...

And as applications continue to increase, tuition will continue to increase.