Saturday, May 09, 2009

Law Review People are Better at Video Games, Too

Congratulations to "Robert S", who won the first annual UVA Law Blog Desktop Tower Defense contest in both the medium and hard categories (NB: the contest was only for v. 1.5, not for the "Pro" version, which came out in the middle of finals . . .). "Robert S" beat "Bored" - the only other real contender as we entered the stretch - by a mere 28 points in the medium category and 32 points in the hard category (basically, one life and a few seconds).

Congrats, Robert - you've won a gift card to . . . [I'll probably let you choose where] !

It's Time - The First Annual UVA Law Blog Desktop Tower Defense Contest


Bored said...

Just wanted to congratulate Robert S on a good game. I hate losing, but at least I lost to a worthy opponent.

Amicus Cupcake said...
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Robert S said...

Thanks Bored. You put up a great fight, I thought you had me a couple of times there.