Monday, May 04, 2009

Stealing books during finals week, or why is the law school turning into New Jack City?

Well folks, we just got word that another textbook was stolen - this time from the student mailboxes. So just another cautionary note that if you have something of worth lying around the law school that isn't apparently bolted (!) to the floor, it can, and very possibly will, be stolen.

In case the culprit is reading this (if you are, we hope you are the victim of a Candiru attack - 1:40), we're unclear as to why you stopped with the textbook and didn't take the 1) bag of fun-sized Snickers in the mailbox to the right or 2) zip-lock bag of delicious looking homemade cookies in the mailbox below. No human decency but a health nut huh? Great. We're sure Barbaro will appreciate the lighter load when you are riding on him in Hell (and this may be the last time we get to post).

PS. if you were trying to sabotage the student's grade, unless you are also the inventor of bubble spinner (in which case, kudos), then someone else had already beaten you to it.

Thefts of Laptops, Other Valuables Envelop Law School

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