Monday, May 04, 2009

Swine Flu at W&L

I know this happened a few days ago - but I heard about for the first time earlier today - Lexington is pretty close, right? From a special website set up by W & L:
The following are Frequently Asked Questions about the cases of confirmed and probable H1N1 influenza at Washington and Lee:

Q. Why isn't the University canceling classes?

All decisions regarding University operations are being driven by the best medical advice available. Health officials from the Virginia Department of Health at both the local and state level and our own Student Health Service continue to support the decision to keep the campus open at this point.

The flu symptoms to date have been mild, and students are recovering after treatment. We continue to assess the situation on an ongoing basis in consultation with officials at the local and state levels.

Q. Are campus activities being canceled?

Activities are all currently continuing as scheduled.

Q. Where can students go for medical attention?

Any Washington and Lee student experiencing flu-like symptoms should contact the Student Health Center. We would ask students to telephone at 8401 (540-458-8401) before coming to the Center so that personnel can prepare appropriately.

Q. What should you do if you suspect that someone may be suffering from the flu?

You should urge them to contact either Student Health or their physician to be evaluated.

Q. Who are the students who tested positive or probable for H1N1 flu and where are they now?

The identities and specific locations of the students are not being released; doing so is a violation of both the federal HIPAA Privacy Rule and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The students who tested positive for H1N1 flu are recovering rapidly after treatment.

Q: How will I know if I might have been exposed to one of the student influenza cases?

A: Each student with influenza has been questioned about any close contacts with other individuals or congregate settings such as classes in the 24 hours before onset of symptoms and after symptoms began. The staff of the Student Health Center have contacted any individuals whom they think may have been exposed to these known cases, and have given them the available options to try to prevent influenza after exposure.

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Maybe we should all stop breathing until this whole thing blows over . . . if you are sick, please don't come to school. You owe it to we, the living, to take an F on your remaining exam(s) for the team.

(KIDDING, obvi. Tell the powers that be and I am sure they can set you up in one of the private rooms to take your exam).

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