Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 OGI: You Don't Have to Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here?

Hope everyone who is doing OGI got their bids in. This one could be a tough one, with some firms that used to not interviewing on grounds, but we're UVA, so we'll all pull through, one way or another.

In related news, it looks like UVA Career Services has some new staff. Kevin Donovan, formerly of Morgan Lewis, joins the Law School as the new Senior Assistant Dean for Career Services. This new hire comes after (or maybe before, we're not sure when he started) the Law Weekly shed some light on the lean staffing of Law School's Career Services. We thinks it's good that Career Services is being proactive, and hope that Mr. Donovan will be able to help students cope with the difficult economic situation by . . . helping them get jobs.

In case you're wondering if Mr. Donovan can hook some rising UVA 2Ls up at his old firm, the answer is probably not, at least not now: Morgan Lewis is not hiring at UVA this year, or at any law school, for that matter. They are the first of what we fear may be many law firms who will reduce the size of their summer program down to zero.

Everyone hang in there; these are tough times, but it is summer after all. The best part of summer.

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