Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Aggressive Fox" Reported Near UVA

At first we thought this was like a collegehumor / craigslist personal / something else meme.

You know like - she's really attractive AND she's aggressive, so watch out, unsuspecting gentlemen of the law school.

Lamentably, this fox is not the aggressive one out for which we must watch

Sadly, not the case.

Subject: SAFETY NOTICE: Aggressive Fox Reported in University Area
Dear U.Va. student:

Please be aware that we have received reports from the Charlottesville Police Department of a fox acting aggressively in the Lambeth Field, Rugby Road and University Circle areas. Please avoid these areas if possible. Police advise that if you see the fox do not approach the animal but call 911 and give the operator your exact location. Humane traps have been set up to catch the fox and allow for routine tests to check the health of the animal.

Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer Lampkin approved distribution of this message.
Also, if you're at all interested in public interest, PILA kickoff at 5.15 in Caplin Pavillion. We heard they are giving out grants at the event.


Anonymous said...

I live near Rugby Road. I have not gotten this message yet. (UVA emails tend to go out in alphabetical order by last name and take HOURS to reach the entire alphabet.) Awesome.

Anonymous said...

ummm, my last name ends in Y and I've had thsi email for an hour or so

Anonymous said...

5:38, it's 4:57... maybe it isn't alphabetical then, but the email I got shows it being sent at 5:10 PM. I could have already been eaten by Scarlett Johansson by then!

justincredible said...

wouldn't megan fox have been the better picture here?

Anonymous said...

this is virginia for god's sake; somebody should've blasted that varmint by now.

Anonymous said...

4:57/7:19-- How is it relevant that 5:38's surname "ends in Y"? What fancy system of alphabetization works based on last letter?

J. Crew Model said...

I saw a fox on Preston the other day. It sprinted from one side of the street to the other and did not appear at all aggressive. HTH.