Thursday, August 27, 2009

Parking Update - The Blues are Back, and More

Update #1: In a previous post we noted that the map linked to (lawweb) by an email announcing the parking lottery indicated that the lot by the park was ALL D3 classes. But now, a few tipsters have noted, the map on the same link has changed - there IS a blue lot down by the park, and (we believe) the entire lot down there changes to Blue after 3.30 PM.

Is this an example of a dogged and cantankerous media helping the powers that be set the record straight - yes, almost certainly, yes! Remember, the deadline to fork over your money sign up for the parking lottery is Friday, August 28th!

Update #2: Are 1Ls from IVY GARDENS parking in D3 - one tipster (a third-year, no less!) thinks so, and he's angry about it:
[T]he [expletive] parking lot was overful today because all the 1L's from Ivy are driving to school. My [expletive] had to park at JPJ and now has to vacate by 5:30 PM for a [expletive] Keith Urban concert.
Enjoy it now, you 1Ls who are too lazy to walk for ten minutes or bike for two - because in two weeks, the Kia Sportage your parents bought you will get towed (seriously) from D3 if you leave it there.

Parking at UVA Law - The Third Rail (And some confusion about which lots are where)


Anonymous said...

Agree with the angry 3L. 1L's are [expletive] lazy

Anonymous said...

Dear 1L's:


Anonymous said...

I'm not really pissed about this, it's first come first served for the time being, even if driving here from Ivy borders on being immorally wasteful. It is what it is until parking passes are out.

What I am pissed about is all the 1Ls parking in D3 during OGIs. Nothing gets you a job like showing up drenched in sweat after hiking up to school from the far end of the Park lot in a suit. Not to mention what the ladies probably went through in their heels.

Total dick move class of 2012. This is UVA, we're supposed to be nice and considerate to each other. If you can't handle that you're at the wrong school.

Anonymous said...

yeah i saw quite a few of my classmates parking in the upper parking lot. i just assumed that interviews were going on so i parked in the bottom lot.

-non-lazy 1L

Anonymous said...


Thanks. You, sir or madam, are a class act. Too bad your classmates are douches

Anonymous said...

... who here, when coming to school for OGI, couldn't park either in the upper lot or the meter spots by Scott Commons?

The only time I noticed the upper lot full was when classes started for 2Ls & 3Ls (after OGI).