Monday, August 17, 2009

Same As It Ever Was: Orientation, 2k9!

How crazy would you have to be to start law school now, with tuition at record highs and job prospects at record lows?

Crazy like a fox - ladies & gentlemen, the most qualified class ever in the history of the Commonwealth has entered the building. Everybody dance now!

We wandered around grounds for a few minutes today and snapped some photos, near as we can tell, here are some things that remain the same.

(1) The lunch is still catered by Padow's in those cute brown boxes. Don't get used to that free lunch, because the cafeteria food will cost over three times as much.

Mmmm Padows catered lunch in Spies Garden on a nice day. . . probably the best part of orientation - and totally needed after that "What will you bring to the island game"

(2) 1Ls still are dissapointed that the Turkey runs out too fast, though

(3) The PA shirts - green with white lettering - look suspiciously like the the libel show shirts. Flattery . . . or copy-wrong?

(4) The PAs are all cooler than you - and, chances are, smarter, handsomer, more athletic, and even nicer than you. If you applied for PA, and didn't get it, it's probably because you were not good enough in one or more of those categories. No, you can't talk to the 1Ls this week - that's their job. They might save you some scraps from Monday nights BBQ if you hang out by the garbage cans in Spies Garden, though.

(5) The orientation packets still come in the same white-and-light-blue UVA Law folders that they did last year.

(6) 1Ls are still amazed at how much their books cost at courts and commons. Yet they all still fork over the 650 dollars, rather than try to find them used online (or at PILA) for half the cost (or even less!)
Woo standing in line! That's half the fun . . .

(7) We still managed to slur my speech, forget names, and make various other faux pas with everyone I bumped into for the first time since named. We're sorry. But at least we're back in Charlottesville!!

(8) People are still stressed out about not getting their reading done for their first torts class.

(9) Sections are having their elections . . . choose your softball captains wisely. And don't forget to believe everything your PILA rep tells you without question.

(10) We still need moar writers. If any 1L (or 2L or 3L) with blogging-experience or merely-blogging interest wants to become a part of this, shoot us an email. Seriously, we'll be retired before you all know it . . .


Anonymous said...

The link you have is to last year's class...of 2011.

Anonymous said...

best of luck to all 1Ls. in spite of the crushing debt and a dearth of jobs, uva is a wonderful place to be.

Anonymous said...

dearth of jobs? more like NYC to 190k!! WOO HOO FOR GOOD TIMING

Anonymous said...

you forgot, NYC to 190K + Wachtell bonuses!

Rule 12 (f) said...

"The link you have is to last year's class...of 2011."

You are absolutely right. Will fix as soon as possible, sorry, the copy-writing department is still on vacation. . . .

Anonymous said...

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