Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bam! - We Just Figured Out the Perfect LRW Prompt

Now, it's no secret that we are Dillard-Fellow rejects (as well as rejects for many, many other law school awards). That said, we have the perfect idea for the next legal writing prompt: forget windmills, forget injured high school athletes, forget drunken driving in rural North Carolina: what about making the 1Ls spend one of their precious weekends analyzing and stressing out over what happened in the Boise State - Oregon game last Thursday?

PROMPT: Analyze Byron Hout's possible causes of action against your client, LaGarrette Blount, under Idaho Law. GUNNERS ONLY: What is Blount's criminal exposure? Can Hout initiate the suit in Federal Court, and what would be the advantages to doing so?

All of the elements for the perfect beginning LRW assignment are there, including
  • Law from a state that no one here cares about so it will be easy for the students to find those obnoxious reporters (quite likely the only time they will ever use them) from the Law Library.
  • Some thorny issues (was LaGarret Blount provoked? Did he feel threatened? Are there any mitigating circumstances given that he had just finished playing a football game? Does it matter that )
  • It appears from a cursory look at Idaho law that tort actions for assualt and battery are common law actions, so it would allow 1Ls to learn how the shepardizing system works (paper only - using computers is for chumps) (Ed. note this is not legal advice and we did not really research it - please don't email us!).
  • An ostensibly "sexy" topic that (we are sure) would become quite boring if you researched it.
  • Is it really "unconscionable"? ESPN thinks so.
Anyway guys at my law school used to pull this sort of thing after NGSL games; it was no big deal, really.

Oregon Suspends Blout for the Season [New York Times]

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