Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is There a New UVA Law Blog on the Prowl?

FFJ came across this gem: As you may have guessed from the title, it's a group of students - all 1Ls - at four top 14 Law Schools. All, as near as I can tell, are anonymous (but for how long? - we believe that you should stand by what you write, but that's another story . . .), and all of them seem to be very chipper about the prospect of law school so far. The four schools represented are Columbia, Chicago, Cornell (whose blogger uses the pseudonym "Ivy Life"; I'll let you all have fun with that one), and of course, Virginia ("Southerly Wind"). From Southerly Wind's most recent entry:
One important development has been the fact that I actually am really liking legal research. I had no idea how different it would be from all of the research I’d done for projects in the past – I assumed it would involve looking up cases, but the immense organizational structure that has been produced for the purpose of conducting legal research is staggering. And I’m not going to lie, I had a blast running around the library trying to find the right cases and statutes for our first memo. Even the process of writing the memo was refreshing compared to the more open ended projects I was used to in college. I’ll admit it – at least at this stage in the game, I kind of enjoy legal research and writing, whatever that says about me personally.
Oh boy. You had a blast running around the library (with your entire LRW class) looking up obscure reporters? Wait until you have your major memo . . .

There's also this:
If there’s a ‘this economy’ cloud hanging over the school it has yet to touch the 1Ls. And the weekly keg was flowing today, softball is starting soon, and life is in general looking good – so far. We’ll see what week 2 brings

That is more than can be said for the second- and third-years, at least by our watch. Other than that, we welcome this "Southerly Wind" to the UVA Law blog community. When I leave this place to go coach high school football in upstate New York, you may get to be top in the bank my friend, money in the bank (kidding).


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