Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LIVEBLOG: When OGI Fails, Then What?

Editor's Note: We're here at the Career Services talk titled "Post OGI Strategy Session" . . . since it's the day before Moot Court briefs are due (eep!). For convenience, we divided the short talk into several categories.

Network Network Network

Donovan: "We didn't mean to schedule this at the same time as Moot Court . . . feel free to come talk to us to schedule an individual OGI-search plan.

Don't get down if you have not gotten a significant yield from OGI; you are not alone.

First, take note of the resume collections on Symplicity. People have gotten jobs from these in the past, and we think it is a higher yield than just sending out letters.

Second, there's networking. . ."

Lawson: "Networking is sort of a buzzword - you want to meet as many attorneys in the geographic market that you're looking as you can."

Check the alumni listing on LawWeb - contact these people and see if you can schedule an informal, informational interview. Try to make connections where you might not otherwise have one; these people are more than willing to help.

Donovan: "The more information you can give these folks up front, the better . . . these people are more like your allies than people you are applying for a job."

"You have to have a little bit of a thick skin; some of these people are extraordinarily busy, and you might not get a response right away."

The idea is to get advice from older lawyers - and "this is an important piece, at least good or probably better than sending out a hundred letters or cold calling."

The Post OGI Mass-Mail

Donovan: Focus on smaller firms, broader geographically. The best way is through email with an attached cover letter in .pdf and resume in .pdf.

"For the firms you feel like are target firms, don't do a mail merge . . . my sense is . . . you should try to personalize those firms."

Lawson: "If you already have plans for fall break, and you're going to be where the firm is - mention that in your cover letter . . . make it as easy as you can to be the most accessible again.

Holding Pattern:

Donovan: If you're in a holding pattern - it's a good idea to reach out, and say that you're still interested.

September OGI

Donovan: Not that many interviewers, and only four with open slots - but if you're interested in the firm "I would make a special request, it shows the employer you are interested."

Lawson: "Remember that this summer is not necessarily where you want to end up . . . you'll have more opportunities after graduation.

Donovan: There is a lot of ways that this could go - the economy seems on the uptick "and there could be major 3L hiring next year" as a result.

"We are following up with the employers that canceled at OGI, and will let you know which of them will be interviewing in the spring."

Encourages scheduling a meeting - can help you 1 on 1.

And that's it folks - good luck (with jobs and with moot court)


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you'll have more opportunities after graduation

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