Monday, September 14, 2009

Sean Merriman Might Have A Defense

Tila Tequila - who has the world's most popular MySpace page (remember MySpace? We don't), among other things is accusing San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman of battery and false imprisonment after Merriman physically prevented Tequila from leaving his house the other week. (PROTIP: If Shawne Merriman does not want you to go anywhere, you are not going anywhere). Merriman says he held back Tia because he was afraid that she was going to be drunk driving.

An article on gives some heads-up legal analysis:
It's . . . legal to detain someone if you believe he's going to harm himself or others. If Merriman can prove that he was concerned Tequila would get behind the wheel while drunk, he might have a case. The method of restraint, however, has to be "reasonable." Taking away someone's keys and locking the car doors is reasonable; punching and choking someone, as Tequila alleges Merriman did, is not. Who determines what's "reasonable" behavior? If the answer is obvious, a judge makes the call; otherwise, a jury does.
It's an interesting read for those of you who, you know, care about the law and all. Do we really think a jury in Southern Cal. is going to convict Merriman of anything but being a solid force in the backfield? He should show this for his closing argument:

EDIT: Yes I know that Merriman will not be charged; it's just 'fun' to think about.


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that is also hands down the best movie song of all time (Last of the Mohicans)

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So Merriman allegedly did something like this to Tequila?

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