Sunday, September 06, 2009

Where mah $$ at?

From Cynthia Burns, UVA Law Director of Financial Aid:

This email provides important information regarding the delay of the refunding of excess financial aid resources by Student Financial Services. The Law School Financial Aid Office has been monitoring this situation and recognizes that this delay has created some anxiety as many of you are awaiting these resources to cover current living expenses.

Our understanding of the situation is that the delay is a result of the new loan processing system required by the new Student Information System to transfer funds from the student loan lenders to the University and then to students. The problems are the result of some set up issues that were not discovered prior to the start of the disbursement process. Student Financial Services, however, is working fervently to correct these errors and restore the flow of resources to students. I anticipate that most of you will receive your refunds within the next several weeks.

If you need resources prior to receiving your refund, the University has an emergency loan program available to all students. Law students are eligible to receive one $750 Lee Loan each semester. This is an interest free loan that can serve as a cash advance of your expected refund. To obtain a Lee Loan, you must apply in person at Student Financial Services in Carruthers Hall, located on Emmet Street across from the Barracks Road Shopping Center. You will need to present your Student ID Card at the Cavalier Central Counter to receive the loan.

I encourage any student experiencing extreme financial hardship resulting from the delay in your financial aid disbursement to contact the Law School Financial Aid Office.

Thanks for your patience.

I'm one of those who hasn't gotten his money yet and I'm finding this to be a major pain. It's not so much about the interest free loan to the University (on a non-trivial amount), but the fact that many expenses come due at the beginning of the semester. That is, in addition to rent and food, I have to shell out for books, a parking pass, health insurance, and in my particular case, furniture. In sum, poor form UVA.


Anonymous said...

Several weeks! That is completely outrageous...

Entitled t10 2L said...

Who cares? MOAR callbacks!!!!