Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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* Is there a football team worse than the Washington Redskins right now? Probably, but they are pop-warner. And play in Europe. Once again, I humbly submit my candidacy for head-coach of the team. My first move will be the (almost certainly over-priced) aquisition of aging stars LaDanian Tomlinson, Junior Seau, Adam Archulletta, Brett Favre, and Jason Taylor. With that kind of talent on the field, we can't lose.

I am also fine with calling the plays - - - Example: When the team is losing 12-6, and pressed up against our own goal-line with around two minutes to go, I will be calling a play that results in forward yards. I will save the "safety" play for later, especially if we already used it in the previous week. I will also call the play that involves our $100 million-dollar defensive lineman tackling people, not the one that calls for him to get hurt every game or to gasp for oxygen on the sideline.

Needless to say, I know quite a bit about football.

* On then other hand, there is no team hotter right now than the UVA Cavaliers. The Cavaliers lead the ACC Coastal division with a 2-0 conference record, despite embarrassing losses to FCS William & Mary and mid-major Southern Mississippi. A win over Georgia Tech this weekend (who hasn't won here since spoiling UVA's National Championship hopes in 1990) would put UVA in position to be a serious contender for going to the ACC championship game, and then, a BCS game.

* Editor Emeritus FredfromJville points out that the website don'tfireAlGroh.com is blocked at the Barracks Road Panera. O rly? The latest entry - pretending to be Al Groh's twitter account - is as follows:
I just realized we are now leading two conferences: 1-0 in the ACC and 1-0 in the Big Ten! Should we pick Orange Bowl or Rose Bowl?
* Nah, you gotta aim big. We're thinking championship.

Here's what could happen - Tim Tebow decides to continue his missionary work and leaves the Gators for Africa, thus causing UF to lose the rest of its games. Colt McCoy likewise decides to get LASIK because those glasses make him look too goofy for NFL draft purposes, so UT loses as well. Alabama loses to Auburn because Jason Campbell gets cut from the Redskins and has to go back to playing for his former college team (where he is/was a stud). Cincinnati gets ignored because they are in the Big East, and no one is going to take the Big East seriously in any sport except Basketball now that the U is in the ACC. USC loses, of course, to another mid-level PAC-10 team, and Iowa loses Michigan and The Ohio State University.

Now UVA wins out, and this leaves them, TCU, and Boise State in serious contention for going to a national title game. TCU and Boise State are both undefeated, but guess what, no one likes even one non-major conference school in the national title game, let alone two. My guess is that Boise State goes because the voters don't want a repeat of a regular season match-up (TCU beat Virginia earlier this year). Thus UVA to National Championship.

I'm not saying this is probable, but it is the most likely outcome of all the various scenarios if you plug the numbers.

* One reader points out that some students at Duquesne Law School may love the bats and bases more than UVA does. Last week students at the Pittsburgh school broke the world record for longest whiffle-ball game. The game lasted 25 hours, and had a final score of 179-170 over 126 innings. In all seriousness, we would have expected moar runs . . .

The Cavs Stand Tall and They Stand Alone [Washington Post]


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Are you a Redskins fan?

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Of course! See: http://www.lawweekly.org/?module=displaystory&story_id=2149&edition_id=96&format=html

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WP's "America's Next Great Pundit" Contest

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im thinking that ga tech is going to stop any of the national title hopes here in charlottesville. sorry 12(f).

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dwyer + nesbitt + allen = GT total body domination

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Isn't it time to warn all the 1Ls not to give Barbri or Kaplan an interest free loan? EITE

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