Friday, October 16, 2009

Fire at the Jeffersonian

Update (4.54 PM): See here for Newsplex's coverage.

Don't try driving down Arlington today - the Jeffersonian Apartment complex has caught on fire, fire trucks / police are blocking the road:

The fire is at the part of the complex on the right, far end

The entire place smells like smoke, and some of the residents aren't being allowed inside their units (the ones affected by the fire). The actual blaze seems to have been taken care of, though.

As of 1PM, there are at least two fire engines, plus a bunch of police cars

Talking to some people outside, there is no indication that anyone has been injured. Damage as a result of smoke and fire seems to minimal (we live near where the fire was and our place is OK), but we don't really know. Will post updates as they are available.

Fire Destroys Apartment in Charlottesville [Newsplex]

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