Friday, December 11, 2009

WSJ: Here's How to Crush Your Exams

A tipster points us to an article on the WSJ Law Blog titled "On Crushing Your First-Year Exams: Advice From Some Who Did":
This time, we asked a handful of current law students serving on their respective law reviews to talk about how they managed to kill it on their first-year exams. Specifically, we asked the students to finish the following sentence:

The smartest thing I did while preparing for my 1L first-semester exams was ______.

Of course, some of these responses might strike you as obvious, others as insightful, others a combination of both. We allowed folks to give names or submit anonymously if they so chose.

Naturally, there has to be someone from the Law School on there - and there is!:
Rogan Nunn, 3L at UVA and an editor on the Virginia Law Review: By far the most useful thing I did when preparing for 1L exams was to round up a few people from the class and take old exams. Don’t just go through them, take them — pretend it’s the real thing, time limits and all. Then discuss answers. You’d be amazed how much you miss the first time. It can be time-consuming, but all the outlining in the world won’t save you if you can’t spot the issues on the fly.
Truth. As we have said before, taking practice exams is practically the most important thing you can do. And (EITE) this is good advice for anyone, not just 1Ls.


On Crushing Your First-Year Exams: Advice From Some Who Did [WSJ Law Blog]


Anonymous said...

Where was the post "WSJ: Crushing your 2L interviews"

Anonymous said...


You must have missed this post from September 2008: "WSJ: WTF are you 1Ls thinking starting law school, incurring 6-figures worth of debt in the middle of a recession???"

Anonymous said...

They claim the opinions are in no particular order. That's a lie, obviously they put the best first to catch the reader's attention.

Anonymous said...

To participants in the WSJ law opinion blog: Didn't do practice exams, didn't even do the reading, and got offers from your firm.

Anonymous said...

wtf did you do, 11:47?

Anonymous said...


Still did a good amount of the reading, but far far from all of it. Made a good outline by combining all my class notes (I went to class, reading or not) and combined it with old outlines to make a solid one of my own, outlined some practice answers.

I think most importantly I thought about classes where I knew I would do well and really made those outlines superb AND participate in class in those subjects. I got a bunch of B+s, but just a few As thrown in is all it takes to make your qualifications much better. So dont gun in all your classes, focus your efforts and be sure not to get anything below a B+.

Think about it: given the strict curve getting above 3.5 is really when you get value (regardless of what career services tells you being top half is not going to cut it). But that still leaves 60-70% of your credits at a B+!

To then get the jobs also means being a strong interview, which really you have or you don't.

Fred said...


You seem like a good dude.

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