Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 OGI Callbacks Sticky

You guys know the drill: if you got a callback, post it in the comments. This site may be in transition, but we're not ignoring the basics. Post the firm, location, and status (callback received / rejected). Thanks.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Few (Winding-Down) Items

FIRST:  Since we disabled the comments (became to lazy/busy to moderate all the spam and flame) a lot of you have been emailing or g-chatting me about OGI-angst, etc, asking for a reprise of our OGI coverage.  We apologize, but we are retired - from our current spot in the cultural mecca of the Empire State there's no way we can really effectively oversee, let alone report on, any on-grounds developments.  Hopefully someone will take our place.  But in the meantime, best of luck, guys.  Please feel free check out our previous OGI coverage.

SECOND: Studying for the bar starts out being fun and gets progressively less fun as the summer progresses.  Count on it.

THIRD: We're going to be starting something new after the bar.  It will be different (and not at all UVA Law related).  But hopefully it will be cool. 

FOURTH:  A random item - the NY Bar Examiners just sent us a link for candidates taking the Bar Exam in beautiful Buffalo, New York.  Apparently you can order a box lunch for the not-unconscionable price of 12.99 USD (not including tax), you can get one of a ham, turkey, tuna, or veggie wrap.  Excuse, me a wrap?  Some of will be lifting during the lunch break, and require a blend of complex carbohydrates and protein.  While the tuna is good, I sincerely doubt that the wrap material will provide the 1800 k/cal we'll need to power through 100 MBE questions . . . .

FIFTH: Our rights to this domain expire in a few weeks.  We are debating whether or not to pay for another year (costs money) - there probably would be few if any updates, but, there might be some limited historical value.  This is a long way of saying that if you see the site disappear, you'll know why.  In that event we'll might save a .pdf of everything that's been put up here, on the off chance that you wanted to know how all the various feuds and scandals and intrigues of the last three years came about, you could email us for it. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The sun is rising on a new day at UVA Law, and our time here is - sadly - over.  It's been a lot of fun; I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog as much as we did writing it.  For our part, this really has been an important part of our experience here.  We really enjoyed the opportunity that it presented to write news, opinion, and everything in between.  But what really meant a lot was that you guys were reading.  Thanks, all.

Watch this space.  There may be something that comes a long and takes this blog's place.  We might link to a new project.  But for now - after three years and 517 posts - we're out.

Thanks again, everyone.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Waitlist This Year, Says Admissions

Many UVA Law luminaries - your humble writer included among them - gained admission to this school through the waitlist.  According to UVA Law Admissions, that won't be happening this year:
We have received a sufficient number of deposits to fill the entering class and do not have any plans to make waiting list offers at this time.  We will continue to monitor our needs throughout the summer and make waiting list offers if the “summer melt” is greater than normal. We will also release applicants from the waiting list as it becomes apparent that we will not be able to make them an offer.
This isn't exactly new news, but it is interesting especially in light of the Law School's supposed offer of cash to students to defer for a year.

Three Figures Out a Way to Stay Profitable in a Recession

And the 1Ls (and, who are we kidding, the 2L and 3Ls) figure out a way to be a little more respectable on Friday afternoon - from the facebook invite:
The bar is giving us $2 Bud Light and $3 Wave shot specials and blacking out all the windows so we delude ourselves into thinking that drinking at 2 pm is socially acceptable. Just think of it as a pregame to 90's night. 
There is no theme this time around, but costumes are always encouraged. Who are we to stand in the way of your creative genius? Go with your heart. Also, those of you with firm jobs this summer are expected to buy drinks for all of us with lowly public service jobs. 
Feel free to spread the word. The more ridiculousness, the better.
Consider the word spread.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Rumor Mill: UVA Offering Scholarships to Some of c/o 2013 to Defer for a Year

Thank you for your multiple tips . . . apparently the Law School is offering three-year scholarships to at least some members of the Class of 2013 to defer their admission for a year and become members of the class of 2014.  One can only surmise that perhaps too may people put down a deposit.  One of you pointed us to a thread on autoadmit (usual disclaimers apply, go there at your own peril) where a student was claiming (through hearsay) that s/he was offered $5,000/year for three years.

How does this fit in with the recently released tuition figures, which are higher for the c/o 2013?  If tuition is going to increase 8.4% for new out-of-state students, how much will a 15k a year scholarship even be worth?  Maybe someone who knows numbers could do a Monte Carlo analysis on this puppy.

That's all for now (we have a final to take today), but we'll be following this story.  Thanks guys.

Dean Razavi and Ellen Valentine are 1-0 at the 4th Circuit

Check out this blurb from the Blog of Legal Times:
Virginia Law Student Wins His First Appeal at 4th Circuit
Dean Razavi, 24, may not graduate from law school for another two weeks, but he is already one-for-one at the appellate level.
On April 30, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled in favor of a federal inmate who appealed a 15-year sentence on the grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel. Razavi, a third-year student at the University of Virginia School of Law, represented inmate Nicholas Omar Tucker at oral argument.
Tucker had filed his appeal pro se, but his case was picked up by the law school's Appellate Litigation Clinic. Razavi is one of six students who participated in the clinic this year. He and third-year law student Ellen Valentine got the Tucker case in September. Along with Razavi and Valentine, Neal Walters, who runs the clinic, signed the brief.
Tucker had been sentenced to 15 years under the Armed Career Criminal Act for possessing a firearm and ammunition after committing three or more violent felonies. He appealed that sentence on the ground that his trial-court counsel improperly failed to object to the use of an assault and battery conviction as one of the three violent felonies that qualified Tucker as an armed career criminal. Tucker had pled guilty to only a misdemeanor offense of common-law assault and battery in the earlier case.  Keep reading.
EDIT: Apparently credit should go out to Ellen Valentine as well.  DR notes in the comments:
I feel so bad, when the guy interviewed me I talked about Ellen [Valentine] for like, 90% of the time. I'm frustrated that this is how it came off. Ellen deserves as much if not more credit than me - at the end of the day, it was our brief that won it, and she rocked the shit out of it! 
Someone from UVA mentioned getting a photo with the two of us (9:26 - that was from a photo shoot like months ago, and the BLT just wanted something I had on my computer) and I think their coverage will be totally more fair. But yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you. ELLEN ROCKS MY SOCKS.
Virginia Law Student Wins His First Appeal at the Fourth Circuit [BLT]

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

BREAKING: UVA Law 2010-2011 Tuition

Well, folks, it's been a long wait, but we now the no just how much it will cost to attend UVA Law next year:

J.D. Class of 2013
Virginia Resident
Tuition and Fees:
Living Expenses:
Health Insurance: 2,150 2,150
Books and Supplies: 1,800 1,800
Loan Fees:

J.D. Classes of 2011 and 2012
Virginia Resident
Tuition and Fees:
Living Expenses:
Health Insurance: 2,150 2,150
Books and Supplies: 1,800 1,800
Loan Fees:
A couple of points:
* 47,500.  No, really.  When will it end?  How can it be that much in a recession with inflation near record lows.  We mean... it has to end sometime, right?
* Also, we think it's a little unfortunate about how difficult it is to find the cost of attendance on the UVA Law website.  You have to go to "Admissions" and then to "Financial Aid" and then there is a tiny link where you can view the tuition and fees.  The fact that you are going to pay 3 x 65,700 = $ 197,100 in today's dollars (not counting interest OR the fact that tuition will go up again) should be put more up front.  Just our 2 cents, though.  And in case anyone is wondering how much that will cost to pay back on a 10 year plan at 6.8% interest (the current rate for Staffords) . . . why it's a mere a $272,188.17, or 120 monthly payments of $2,268.23.  With all due respect, they should put these numbers - clearly - on the website and in the Law School's advertising materials.
* That said, kudos to UVA for adopting what we once suggested: a multi-layered tuition plan so current students are protected from large increases. 1Ls are paying an additional 2k across the board.  Of course, the plan would be more effective if there were more time for 1Ls to find other options.  They can still drop out of the
* The increases are:
  • For current in-state students:  38,800 to 40,500 = 4.38%
  • For current out-of-state students:  43,800 to 45,500 = 3.8%
  • For new in-state students (didn't pay last years, but here is the percentage increase)= 38,800 to 42,500 = 9.5%
  • For new out-of-state students: 43,800 to 47,500 = 8.4%
* We're sorry, c/o 2011-2013.  Find us at the bars after finals and we'll buy you a drink.

Please Don't Raise Tuition Again [Law Weekly]
2010-2011 Tuition [Virginia Law]

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What Kind of Promotion is This?

There were some 'free' bagels outside WB this morning:

Is the promotion that it is in fact an honor code violation to take one?

Monday, May 03, 2010


A couple of things:

  • The last day for THIRD-YEARS to take a final is Thursday, NOT Friday.  Being slow, we just realized this.
  • Only first-years can take finals on Tuesday and next Monday morning; no flex exams then.  (We didn't realize that either, see above). 
  • We shut down comments where the "bro" meme got out of control - the comments are for relevant conversation.  The occasional joke is fine, the brolific posting annoys just about everyone, including us.  
  • Thanks to those who have been leaving nice comments saying how much they liked the blog.  That really means a lot to us.  We like that you liked it.  We're not quite done yet, to be sure, but the end is nigh.  At least for us . . . but perhaps not for this site.  Stay tuned.
  • Good luck on your finals.  You're may on average all get a B+, but to us, you are, on average, all at least an A- people. 

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Law Weekly

Our final column in the Law Weekly is about the relationship between this blog and that paper.  Enjoy.

SIDE NOTE: I hope you 3Ls made it to the Alumni reception last night.  Delicious carving station, impeccable Pico salsa, beautiful weather, Mortimer Caplin, and little blue martinis.  It was wonderful . . .

Friday, April 30, 2010

We'll Always Have Class . . .

Just won't be in school anymore.  Be sure to grab donuts/coffee in WB courtesy of the alums . . .

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pedestrian Direction Fail?: Darden Unveils New Stop Signs for Walkers

Dig these new stop signs that were put yesterday outside of the Darden School of Business.  Stopping isn't just for cars anymore . . .

What happens if you run the stop sign and a police officer sees you?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

UVA Law Professor Salaries (Courtesy of the Cavalier Daily)

Every year, the Cavalier Daily prints the salaries of all faculty members who make more than 50,000 annually (the cutoff changes from year to year).  The .pdf is available here.
Don't want to open a huge file with tiny print?  Once again, UVA Law Blog has got you covered. We have put all of the data into an Excel spreadsheet, available for download from our Googlesites page here (feel free to mess around with it . . .) Or you can check out the summary below.  The list includes both professors and certain staff/deans (CSO, etc.)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Progress: "UVa Tuition Set to Surge"

An article in Saturday's Charlottesville Daily Progress suggests that the Board of Visitors is going to raise tuition rates across the board for both undergraduate and graduate students by as much as 10%.  No information in the article on how this would affect the (financially independent) Law School:
UVa’s Board of Visitors will meet this week to set the tuition rates for the 2010-11 academic year.
On the table will be a proposal to raise tuition and mandatory fees by 9.9 percent, or $956, to $10,628 for in-state undergraduate students. Tuition and fees for UVa students from outside Virginia would jump by 6 percent, or $1,902, to $33,574, according to board documents obtained late Friday.
Next year’s proposed in-state tuition and fee hike would be UVa’s most expensive in seven academic years.
Graduate students at UVa are facing tuition and fee increases that are fairly close to the undergraduate rates.
In-state graduate students would see their costs rise by $1,242, or 9.8 percent, next year. Out-of-state grad students would pay $1,238, or 5.5 percent, more.
Erin O’Hare, an out-of-state master’s degree student in UVa’s English department, said the university’s tuition is “insane.”
“I have a lot of loans. When I leave here [next spring] I’m going to owe $150,000,” she said. “It’s scary.”
UVa Tuition Set to Surge [Charlottesville Daily Progress]

So WILL You be Able to Pick Up Your Cap and Gown w/out Paying Those Dues?

We opined on this topic earlier, but many of you still thought it was an open question.  From the latest email from the graduation committee, all signs point to "no":
Students who have paid their class dues may pick up caps and gowns during the following dates and times in SL 290, one of the trial classrooms.
As you may recall, the dues pay for:
The vast majority of the dues (approximately 4/5) pay for events and regalia related to graduation weekend itself. These events include a catered reception at the Law School the night before graduation and a breakfast Sunday before the university-wide graduation on the Lawn. Because of this financial support, students are able to bring an unlimited number of guests to the catered reception at the Law School. Lastly, the dues help purchase each graduating student’s cap, gown, and hood.
. . . 
In addition to funding graduation weekend events, our dues pay for 3L events throughout the year. For example, this week, we will host a 3L Bonfire at Montfair Farms that is open to every 3L student. We’ll be providing transportation to the event and refreshments for students attending the bonfire. Next semester, we will host several more 3L events including a wine tasting tour, golf tournament, and a reception accompanying the Class Charge. In conjunction with NGSL, we’ll also host the 3L Softball Tournament and provide plots and refreshments for 3Ls at Spring Foxfield.
What happens to any money left over (I ask this because the 3L tournament was canceled)?  Does it cover shortfall for other events, and if there isn't any, does it go to next year's graduation committee? Jusssst curious.

Graduation Dues - Response from the Graduation Committee 
Just In Case You Were Thinking About Not Paying Your Graduation Dues
Some People Might See This as Another Reason to be Upset About Graduation Dues

No Libel Show Nominee in Above the Law Contest

Last year, the Libel Show's "ConLuv" won Above the Law's contest for best student-produced Law Revue type video.  This year, we expected the Junta to submit "Club UVA" for contention.  But according to the ATL folks, no submission was made.  You can see the finalists here.

EDIT: One of the Troika contacted us to say that "The Troika decided before the videos were filmed that they wouldn't be submitted to Above The Law."

Law Revue Video Contest Finalists [Above the Law]

2010 Libel Show Review 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunny, with a severe chance of No Softball

The 3L Tournament was cancelled today because of hangovers from Foxfield the weather. In addition to caring about kids and the community, NGSL* is apparently also interested in preserving the youthful appearance of the law school's elderclassmen by helping them avoid the sun.
Unfortunately, no tournament rescheduling is guaranteed or thus far in the works. Looks like for most 3Ls, the days of softball glory are now officially behind them.

*Editors note: Just to clear up - NGSL is not responsible for the planning, scheduling, or cancellation of the 3L Softball Tournament. The tournament was actually the brainchild of the SBA and any questions/complaints should be directed in their direction. Even though the event involved section softball - with beer, umps, and the assistance of NGSL members - we apologize for assuming the North Grounds Softball League, as an organization, was involved in any official capacity. We thank the Head Commissioner for taking the time to personally call and help point out the errors in this post.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wait For It . . . 2010 OGI Details Revealed (But Still Plenty of Room to Speculate Wildly)

A few days ago, members of the current 1L class - the most qualified class at the Law School in the history of the world, that is - received an email from Career Services Dean Kevin Donovan.  The email contained a "heads-up" that OGI2k10 is on the horizon, and attached a very detailed "Handbook" on what students could expect.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free Cupcakes in Scott Commons in Honor of Earth Day

And they are delicious.  Not amicus cupcake delicious, but close!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Live Blog: Charge to the Class of 2010

2:25 People filing in. Some of these people get in line for a Sam Adams Heavy – too early for this kid – and some finger cheeses. Already few seats left.

2:28 Random thoughts. I recognize most of these people, but did not think they were 3Ls. Considering the robust turnout, maybe they should have had this in the auditorium. Babies look like work.

2:32 No charging yet.

2:34 Intro by L.R. Usual boilerplate about Jeffries “needing no introduction” (just once I'd like someone to say "he needs no introduction" and sit down). Some interesting factoids about his time as Dean – he ushered in a self-sufficient law school; high percentage of giving by graduates of the Law School, and one other thing I forgot.  

2:35. Jeffries is honored and intimated. Honored because we selected him and intimidated because we don’t need advice. We don’t need advice because we have developed human relationships, have personal responsibility, know how to interact and work within a team structure etc…. I almost looked around for a Powerpoint presentation.  

The Jeffersonian is Now Officially In on the Car-Towing Fun

Many a student has fancied a parking spot at our complex, The Jeffersonian on Arlington, when the street-side spots are gone.  We always had only some sympathy - you guys' parking there often made it tough for me to get a spot (some rare occasions we couldn't find one at all).  Anyway, it is now definitely a bad idea, judging from this photo we took at 4.15 yesterday:

"Final Warning".  Sounds serious . . .

3Ls: Are You Going / Did You Goto the Class Charge?

It's today at 2.30, for those who are planing on attending:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Now That is an Awesome Parking Job

Not everyone is on the NGSL or SBA exec boards.  Not everyone can afford a spiffy $300+ D3 pass.  Some folks have to take their chances finding a spot on Arlington and/or Milmont.  We did this for a while, and sometimes when you are really in a hurry, you don't have time to do a perfect parallel parking job.

But this is a little ridiculous:

LIVEBLOG: Loan Exit Counseling Session

"You are all officially deeply in debt" - Jennifer Hulvey, the Director of the Law School's financial aid office kicks us off.  (Editor's note: There is some critical information about the interplay between the two Virginia Loan Forgiveness Programs below.)

She's happy to meet with all of us, 1 on 1, sometime after this session.

Here are the goals for the talk:
(1) The Official Federal Loan Exit Counseling - it's required by law, and a little a dry.  There will be link that we have the follow that will have to be sent around afterwards.
(2) The Options YOU Have for Loan Repayment - and how to get it set up.
(3) Virginia Loan Forgiveness Program

Loan Repayment Talk: UVA Law Blog Had Got You Covered

Watch this space - we'll be covering the UVA Law Loan Repayment talk, discussed below.  So if you have class or can't otherwise make it, we'll be there.
Dear 3Ls,

As you prepare for graduation in May, you may have questions regarding repaying your student loans.  The US Department of Education requires that all student loan borrowers receive exit counseling before they leave school.  

We will be presenting vital information regarding student loan repayment options, including the Virginia Loan Forgiveness Program, as follows:

Monday, April 19, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM in Caplin Auditorium

The presentation will include loan repayment options; loan deferment, forbearance and consolidation; debt management strategies and tax benefits; Income-Based Repayment (IBR) and federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and the Virginia Loan Forgiveness Program.  It will be an information-packed hour, and we will of course be available for questions following the presentation.  If you have borrowed student loans during your time here at UVA Law, please attend this session!

Could a UVA Law Grad be the Next SCOTUS Nominee?

Verily, it's possible.  You all may remember the Honorable James Clark McReynolds, UVA's only nominee to the Supreme Court, who is "widely considered one of the most unpleasant men to ever sit on the Court."  He had the distinction of refusing to accept "Jews, drinkers, blacks, women, smokers, married or engaged individuals as law clerks."  He would refuse to hear cases that were presented by female or minority lawyers, and refused to speak to [Jewish] justices Brandeis and Cardozo.

So who could follow such an act?  According to the blawg-ologist Brian Leiter, Janet Napolitano, who spoke at the Law School last week, should be considered the front-runner:
I was talking with a colleague elsewhere at a conference the other day, and she had a very persuasive explanation of why former Arizona Governor Napolitano, who is now head of Homeland Security, will be Obama's choice.  Bear in mind, as my colleague David Strauss has said (in various news articles over the last year), that Obama does not have a court-centered agenda:  he isn't looking for a liberal maverick, and he doesn't want to expend his political capital on Supreme Court battles.  As the choice of Sotomayor shows, he likes to get some political benefit out of an appointment, and he certainly doesn't want a Justice who will create problems for his real agendas. 
The list of reasons that follows is interesting, if not wholly surprising or unpredictable.

Janet Napolitano Will be the Next Supreme Court Justice [Brian Leiter Reports]

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things We Wish We Had Known (An Open Thread)

With the trappings of the last month of school upon us, it's time for a retrospective.  Some of us are feeling pretty old, and we think it's time (to respond to your many requests) to an open advice thread.  3Ls (or 2Ls or 1Ls - doesn't really matter): What did you do right in Law School?  What do you wish you had done differently?   What kind of advice do you want to give to those who are going to follow you?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Congrats to Ibrahim and Moran on Winning that Moot Court Thing

This is almost a week late, but better late than never.  John Moran and Alex Ibrahim won the Lile Moot Court competition, beating Nick Nelson and Fiona McCarthy.  Nelson also won the best oralist award.  Perhaps double-props are due to Ibrahim, who, after winning the competition on Saturday morning helped slug his softball team (Co-Rec Blue) on a run to the Elite 8 before falling to eventual runner-up Catholic. 

Anyways, nice job to all of the finalists. Don't bother updating your CVs, the Moot Court board is informing your employers as we speak.

Ibrahim, Moran Win Moot Court Competition [Virginia Law]

Thursday, April 15, 2010

UVA Law Blog Nominated for Clear Admit's "Best of Blogging" Award

To toot our own horn for a while: this blog got nominated as one of the best law school blogs by the Clear Admit website.  So, while we can't throw together a moot court brief with the right number of words, at least the blog is not (universally) disliked (yet).  Thanks to everyone who has been reading and supporting us to make this so.

ASIDE: Don't forget to go to the picnic today.  Everyone knows that an SBA President is ultimately judged by the success/failure of the Spring and Fall picnic.  Which basically comes down as to whether or not there is enough food.  Game on, Chris Martin, game on: today you stand toe to toe with Leung, Quillian, Rosenthal, and lord knows who else . . .  of course, if we were President, the picnics would be catered by Boar's Head and Mas, with unlimited servings and full open bar.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UVA: A Public Ivy, On the Level of (say) Dartmouth, According to the Simpsons

Check it out here.  Why didn't this help us with the rankings???

So UVA is # 10 in the New Rankings

But at least we're not tied for 10th anymore.  We're a legit top ten school, baby.

Let us be reminded of what Tom Wolfe - author of the great classic I am Charlotte Simmons and graduate of the third most excellent school in the Commonwealth - had to say about the US News & World Report rankings:
US News & World Report - what a stupid joke!  Here is a third-rate news weekly, aimed at businessmen who don't like to read, trying desperately to move up in the race but forever swallowing the dust of Time and Newsweek.  Let's stir up a fuss!  Pretty soon all of American higher education is jumping through hoops to meet the standards of a marketing department of a miserable, low-brow magazine out of Washington, D.C.!  Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford . . . all jumped through the hoop at the crack of the U.S. News whip. 

2010 US News Rankings Leaked [Above the Law]

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Response on Confederate History Month

Remember how we said that Confederate History Month (yes, it's an actual thing now) was a dumb idea?  And offered anyone who wanted to the chance to write with an opposing viewpoint? Well someone did - and here's his unedited take on why it is not the dumbest idea ever. 
Okay, I’ll bite, but it’s not because I dislike political posts. I don’t even so much want to argue against your conclusion. My problem is that your tone is too easy and comfortable, and the war is too ugly.


The 2010 Softball Invitational was a big success for UVA Men's Blue, who took home the title, beating the Men's Gold team in the semiquarter-finals and the Men's Orange team in the finals.  In the Co-Rec division, Florida Coastal rolled over UVA Gold (in the semifinals) and Catholic (in the finals):

Friday, April 09, 2010

You asked for it, you got it: OPEN THREAD FRIDAY

We even are delaying a response to our critique of Confederate History Month and the latest installment of "Just a Day" for the occasion.  So what's on everyone's mind?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Softball, it's that time of year.

For those of you that don't know, this weekend is the UVA Law Invitational Softball Tournament. Games start tomorrow and run through Sunday (the first two days are pod play; Sunday is all bracket play). If you want to attend the BBQ on Saturday or the party on Saturday night, you can buy tickets in Scott Commons today and tomorrow 10-3. Otherwise, pack a picnic and enjoy.
Note: even if you hate softball, this weekend brings together law students from all over the country and our very own admitted students. It should be hopping at the corner.
Come see Rule 12(f) play on Co-Rec Orange:
  • vs. Brooklyn B @ Fri 6pm, McIntire 1
  • vs. Washington & Lee White @ Fri 8pm, McIntire
  • vs. Ave Maria @ Sat 3pm, STAB
Watch Justinincredible on Co-Rec Blue:
  • vs. Boston University 2 @ Fri 7pm, Park 1
  • vs. George Mason Green @ Fri 9pm, Park 6
  • vs. Georgetown Blue @ Sat 5pm, McIntire 2
Or SwampPoodle on Co-Rec Gold:
  • vs. New England School of Law A @ Fri 6pm, Park 6
  • vs. Suffolk Gold @ Fri 8pm, Park 6
  • vs. Penn State Panhandlers @ Sat 1pm, McIntire 2
You could also watch the men's teams play in the regular division, but they will be too distracted by their massive home-runs to pay attention to the crowd anyway.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

UVA Law Revamps, Enhances LRAP (But Not For Everyone)

The Law School has announced a major overhaul of its Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program:
Law School graduates who choose careers in public service will soon be able to take advantage of a more generous loan forgiveness program, the Law School announced Wednesday.

Under the new Virginia Loan Forgiveness Program (VLFP II), graduates who take public service jobs that pay less than $75,000 per year will be eligible for loan assistance. The new program will cover the entire annual loan payments for graduates who make $55,000 or less.
This up from the previous level of $35,000 (the amount at which all loan payments are covered).  Sound to good to be true?  Well, if you're a 1L,  2L, a 3L, or an alum,  some of it is:

PILA Study Guide Sale Today

Caplin Auditorium.  Bring money.

102nd Libel Show: A Retrospective

I know this blog and the Virginia Law Weekly have already reviewed this year’s Libel Show, but as participants, Justincredible and I wanted to give you our assessment of how we thought it went down. For the most part, I – a much more outted J. Crew Model – agree with both reviews, especially this part from the Law Weekly review:
I’m not going to lie and say that this year’s Libel Show is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen; it’s not. But it is funny, and more than that it’s entertaining. Watching the show you can feel how much the cast enjoys what they’re doing. I’m not going to lie and say that this year’s Libel Show is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen; it’s not. But it is funny, and more than that it’s entertaining. Watching the show you can feel how much the cast enjoys what they’re doing. …. According to Lorello, “We’re here to put on a good show, but more importantly than that we’re here to have a good time.” And luckily for audience members, I think achievement of the latter goal only helps to further the former.
Even as a bit player (not “featuring” as some unfunny blog would have you believe) in this year’s production, I was impressed not only by the amount of dedication displayed by the people in multiple acts, but also by the backstage folks – those who run the lights and soundboard and other machines I’m sure were operated but whose existence I can’t confirm. 

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

PSA: April is Now Confederate History Month

A tipster pointed out a pretty troubling news item to us earlier today (STOP reading now if you don't want to get our political views - you've been warned) --

When we first read this news item, we were stunned.  Do you guys remember the Confederacy?  We sure don't - being "Carpetbaggers" and all - but we can imagine what it would have been like: warm weather, beautiful landscapes, folks doing your field- and house-work whom you don't have to pay and can abuse relentlessly without consequence.  Verily, shouldn't those days - and the brave people who dedicated and often gave their lives trying to protect them against Northern aggressors - be honored?

Governor Bob McDonnell thinks so:

Monday, April 05, 2010


Check here. Hope everyone passed.

Ultra-High Tuition Watch: Cornell Law School

Last year, UVA Law's 2009-2010 was not announced until around May 5th.  But we here at UVA Law Blog are vigilantly on the look out for signs of ever rising tuition (even ITE) at top law schools around the nation. Well if you think UVA's tuitition is high right now, check out what Cornell dialed for law students next year:

Any 3Ls Want to Engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Law?

A tipster sends us this ad.  Really, a hundred bucks isn't bad . . . but what would Professor Balnave (or Professor Hylton) say? :

Law Student-Review Disclaimer (C-ville)

Date: 2010-03-31, 3:58PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

We are a small start-up Foundation, and need someone to review a disclaimer statement we will be issuing for an iPod app that we will
be bringing to market.

I would like a final year UVa law student to do this, and make us safe.
  • Location: C-ville
  • Compensation: $100
  • Telecommuting is ok.
  • This is a part-time job.
  • This is a contract job.
  • This is at a non-profit organization.
  • This is an internship job
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Don't Forget to Sign . . . Your NGSL Liability Waiver?

Slow-pitch softball - as many of you will discover this weekend - can be serious business.  Just ask a Canadian outfielder who lost a fly ball in the sun:
George Black is a trucker who used to play in an Ontario slow-pitch league. In a 2004 game, a batter hit a looping line drive directly at him, which he lost in the setting sun.

So, who to sue? The batter who hit the ball that brained him? The manufacturer of the metal bat that sent the ball flying at him at an unsafe speed? Nope. Try the company that owns the field, because they didn't block the sun.

One might reasonably offer that if you're going to play the outfield in the early evening, you might want to wear sunglasses, or at least eye black. But a judge has refused to dismiss the case, because the company had considered erecting a sun screen before the accident.
The article goes on to note that the case has made it past whatever the Canadian equivalent of summary judgment is.

These are probably the sort of things that keep Comms'r Bouton up at night.  (Actually, in Virginia this case would likely fall under the rule of Thurmond v. Prince William Prof'l Baseball Club, 265 Va. 59 (Va. 2003), which held that "when a particular adult spectator of ordinary intelligence is familiar with the game of baseball, that spectator assumes the normal risks of watching a baseball game, including the danger of being hit by a [foul] ball batted into an unscreened seating area of a stadium."

Maybe it would be a good idea for LRW students to analyze the difference between a spectator and player, between a slow-pitch softball and a fast-pitch baseball, and between a foul ball and a pop-fly. 

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cars Actually Get Towed From Ivy

Biking through Ivy today, we noticed something very disturbing: They are towing cars from the place.  For those who don't know, the Ivy Gardens apartment complex in the past had not been very vigorous about ticketing and towing.  Well, April 1 marked a crack-down - check out some compelling photo journalism from approximately 11.30 AM this morning below the fold:

Fall 2010 OGIs "Doubtful"; Students Encouraged to Contact Employers Directly

EDITOR's NOTE:  Yes this was an April Fools Joke.  We apologize for freaking anyone out.

OGIs will likely not occur next year, at least not in the same way it has in year's past.  That's the proverbial word on the street, at least.  With so many firms following new NALP rules and new hiring plans, most won't be bothering to come to campus in the Fall.  Rather, the new approach will have students directly contacting the vast-majority of the firms who formerly came to OGIs.  We reached out today to Career Services, and they responded with this:
While we generally don't comment on matters such as this which have yet to be fully and completely resolved, it is, in fact, true that the OGIs will be a much smaller affair than in previous years.  We are doubtful that many private firm employers will be in attendance, or many public interest employers for that matter, but we are still confident that the fall-interview program will be a good opportunity for those students who choose to take advantage of it.
How bad will OGIs be next year?  Check it out below the fold:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prof. Sprigman in the NYT

Steal any good jokes lately?  The subject as provided a fertile area of exploration for Professor Chris Sprigman (who studied the matter with Dotan Oliar in 2008), and now, along with UCLA Professor Kal Raustiala, have a piece published on the Freaknomics blog of the New York Times
Late one Saturday night in February 2007, a stand-up comic named Joe Rogan decided to take the law into his own hands.  Rogan, a well-known comedian, was on stage at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, one of the nation’s most important comedy clubs.  For weeks, Rogan had been furious over reports from fellow comedians that an even more famous stand-up, Carlos Mencia, had stolen a joke from one of Rogan’s friends, a relatively obscure comedian named Ari Schaffer.  Rogan spotted Mencia in the audience, and he blew up.  Slamming Mencia as “Carlos Menstealia,” Rogan accused his rival of joke thievery.  Mencia rushed the stage to defend himself, and there began a long, loud, and profane confrontation.
The Rogan/Mencia blow-up was caught on video, and quickly went viral (caution: extreme language).  In the course of a rambling, high-volume duel of insults, Rogan laid out the details of Mencia’s alleged stealing.  Mencia angrily denied stealing, and shot back that Rogan was a “whiny [expletive]” motivated by jealousy. Eventually, Ari Schaffer himself jumped on stage to support Rogan. The audience divided into camps, with most supporting Rogan. The possibility of violence hung in the air.
Eventually, the comics left the stage, but that didn’t end matters.  Rogan continued to press his case in radio interviews, and in the following weeks a number of other comics joined the feud, most siding with Rogan. Rogan also posted a clip on YouTube citing examples of what he took to be Mencia’s thievery.  Several versions of this short video have been viewed more than five million times.
The last number should catch your attention.  Five million views for a video of a public argument between two comedians.  What’s going on here?
Sprigman and Raustiala tell us, below the fold.  All and all, it's an interesting article, although those who were hoping that Sprigman would bust out his guitar at the end of his post will be sorely disappointed.

Just a Day on North Grounds, Chapter 2

Editor's note: "Just a Day on North Grounds" is a serial novella that takes place at UVA Law, and is written by an anonymous 1L at the school.  It will appear roughly by weekly - previous installments can be viewed here.
Chapter 2: The Ways in Which Others Do Better

Looking forward to the sweet rush of endorphins that accompanies my ritual Monday-morning carb-load, I walked into Scott Commons with a surge of confidence.  "Scott Commons", by the way, is UVA Law's big "hang-out" area where our overpriced food is served.  The pizza is probably the best option in terms of a carbs-per-dollar ratio.

There a lot of 1Ls milling around - none from my section, of course, because they're all still in class - but a lot of others.  I blissfully ignore them as a glide toward my goal, deciding that I'm going to grab a soda, too, and hope that the caffeine can carry me through the rest of the day.

As I walk by a cluster of plush easy chairs I hear something that makes me stop a beat: One prissy girl who sat in front of me in CivPro says to another, "I made Social Policy and VJIL."

I tense up - was today the day that we were going to find out about journals?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On Consideration, Charlottesville is Awful Actually OK

J. Crew Model here. Rule 12(f) has asked for another “fiery screed” and since I’m easily talked into doing things, I’ve willingly obliged.  If you don’t like what I have to say, leave your phone number in the comments and we can work out a time to fight in D3.  Also, here is a fiery screed by Gucci Mane which kind of says what I’m after when I write with a penname. 
Anyway, this started as a column about how Charlottesville sucks.  Small town awfulness meets big city awfulness meets red-neck ignorance, blah blah blah.  However, I’ve reconsidered my opinion since starting it and will now include a couple ways in which Charlottesville doesn’t really suck so bad.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A UVA Law Novella: Just a Day on North Grounds

Editor's note:  With Spring upon us, and a seeming paucity of actual news, we've decided to try something new: A UVA Law Blog story.  Someone came to us with the idea of a serial that takes place at the Law School, and we think it's a good one.  "Just a Day on North Grounds" will appear roughly bi-weekly.  The author has requested anonymity, and wants everyone to know that this is "fiction" and that "any resemblance between this and real people is, like, a total coincidence."  She will be reading the comments . . . Oh, one more thing - it's lightly edited; we read it a few times over, smoothing things over where necessary, but as always we may have missed something, especially in pieces this long - so please kindly point out any typos that you come across. Enjoy:
Just a Day on North Grounds
Chapter 1: . . . And I'm Out

Why won't this class just end?

There are some days, I have to admit, where I feel like I do my best thinking in class. But today is not one of them. Today, the minutes are passing by slowly, like rainy afternoons.

I didn't come up with that literary device, by the way; it popped into my head during contracts last semester and its from a book I read years ago and whose title and plot I don't remember anymore. In fact, I'm a perfectly lousy writer - I was a liberal arts major in college like most other law students, but that means I never acquired any real skills in writing or in life, so here I am sitting in Withers-Brown hall on a beautiful March morning wishing the droning of my Property professor.

Like I said, sometimes it's not so bad. I sit there with my computer and look at clothes I can't afford or read Sometimes I play scrabble online or browse AboveTheLaw. All the while I'm typically gchatting away, usually with people I know - or I should say knew - from my college. I've gotten so good at looking like I pay attention and gchatting that I eventually learned to type in the same natural, soporific cadence as my professor's voice. It's as if the two of us were coming together in an unholy symphony of pedagogy, and my ineffective learning was all but canceling out what I considered to be his ineffective teaching.

But not today.

Today was one of those days where I just needed to leave.

Keep Your Head Up, Kid

Enough people forwarded us this thread ( standard disclaimers apply). One day, friend, you will look back on this moment, and laugh. Until then, just think about what you will do with your free time for the next few years. It's gonna be alright.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So People Hear Back from Journals On Monday . . .

Prepare yourself for a throng of people at the Scott Commons mailboxes. Some of you will be baller and maker two journals (and one of them will be VJIL). Others will make only one (VASE4LIFE), and some won't make any. We waxed lyrical on this phenomenon two years ago, but be nice. And remember, great things happen to those who don't make journals. SwampPoodle isn't on a journal, and she pwns us at everything; Justincredible isn't on a journal either, and has gone on to be a very successful madden-player and the current top-rated co-rec softball captain. So you see, journals aren't everything (and they are a lot of work on top that).

But we digress, for those of you who do make a journal, go to all of the receptions you get invited to. This isn't like a firm reception; you're not going to get retroactively dinged for not having too much beer or losing to me at shuffleboard.

PSA About Journal Tryouts: Be Nice

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miss TJ's Double Play? Now You Don't Have To.

Time used to be that about every other day, someone would post a comment about how bad this blog was, and how much better TJ's Double Play had been. For those who don't remember, TJ's Double Play preceded UVA Law Blog (indeed, it was when it went offline that FFJ and I decide dto change the name of this blog and attempt to 'go big' in chronicling 2008 OGIs . . . seems like ancient history now).

Anyway, for those who want to confirm that TJDP really was better (we concede the point...), a good chunk of it has been archived over at You can view summaries of all the entries, and if you create a (fast and free) login, you can view all the entries themselves. It brings back some fond memories of 1L year for current 3Ls, and maybe even a little more for alumni:

An update on the stolen property book

Posted on April 23, 2008
Check this comment out for the latest. At least he got his money back.

That's a lotta debt

Posted on April 22, 2008
BW&V once quipped, there's nothing funny about six-figures of debt, but if you think about it, seven-figures of debt would be hilarious. That's what were thinking as we browsed Above the Law's recent survey on associate debt. It's truly scary to think that 10 percent of the class of 2000 still has more than 100k in student debt...

We're sending this to Leno

Posted on April 22, 2008
We liked this LawWeb headline:Don't Compromise Ethics in Human Experiments, Bioethics Expert SaysO rly? Ethics expert favors ethics? What's next, "Seminary Student Announces Belief in God"?

We read property . . . once

Posted on April 22, 2008
Imagine you're a 1L with a property final coming up next week. You lost your book early on in the semester and so finally after a while you get around to ordering a replacement from The book arrives you're relieved now that you can learn about takings...

Trivia's cool . . . totally

Posted on April 22, 2008
Ha, "Anonymous" won the Events E-mail trivia. Then again, we usually make fun of the week's winners when we see them.

Read more.
And who knows - one day in the distant, distant future, they may post about how much better UVA Law Blog than (whatever comes next). Enjoy . . .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Libel Show (P)review: No Spoilers!

Last night Rule 12(f) and I attended the second dress rehearsal of this year’s Libel Show after being invited by the producer to write a (p)review of the show which runs three nights from today March 24 through Friday March 26. For those of you that don’t know, the Libel Show is an annual sketch comedy performance, now in its 102nd year, that is produced, directed, written, and preformed entirely by law students.

More than a simple exercise in fun (though it is, of course, fun), the Libel Show donates a substantial amount to charity each year. According to Mario, the show hopes to donate $4,000 to PILA this year (an amount that will be matched by the Law School Foundation). Additionally, the Libel Show will also be raising money for Law Hoos for Haiti at the show. So, for those of you planning to attend, you can feel confident that you are laughing, drinking, and giving back all at the same time. (Aside: I wonder if I can count time spent at show as public service hours?)

I can’t get into any details of the songs or sketches without breaking a pinky-swear oath the Libel Troika made me swear, but I am allowed to give some general impressions of the show. It is very good: high production values, excited and energetic performers, and plenty of humor. The writers also made sure to take no prisoners and no one is safe from some good-natured barbs along the way.

The performances are awesome all around. There are so many talented law students out there that it makes me want to vomit up my jealous heart. Particularly upsetting to me is that Paul Belonick, the athletic, articulate, and perfectly coiffed former VLR editor-in-chief, also has a voice that could move the most jaded soul. Life is truly not fair.

Indeed, if I were forced to choose, I would say that the singing is one of the most amazing parts of the Libel Show. I mean these kids don't just sing well - they sing, well, amazing.

Because no honest review could be perfect, there are a few things that could be improved/disappointed me a little:
  • Volume of the microphones. Sometimes I couldn’t understand the lyrics of some of the songs, or the lines of some of the sketches, because the mikes weren't loud enough. Hopefully this technical difficulty will be ironed out before the show opens. So this isn't much of an issue, really
  • The special guest introduction wasn’t quite as special as it has been in the past. But then again, who is as awesome as last year’s guest Sam Waterson, and Teddy Kennedy two years ago? Answer: no one.
  • The length: The show could have been just a tiny bit punchier. All of the acts were very good, don't get me wrong, but the fun does stretch out over a few hours.
  • Last year’s Con Love video made me want to cry I laughed so hard. Nothing in this year’s production moved me to tears. But this might have been mainly because I saw the show without the benefit of a large drunk crowd. It's also not as universal as "Con Love" was - it's pretty funny, but the audience will find that most of the jokes might be a little bit UVA-specific, whereas "Con Love" was humerous to anyone who ever took Constitutional Law, which is probably what made it so popular in Above the Law's Nationwide Contest.
However, these small criticisms are outweighed by all the show had to offer. I wish I could be more specific, but again, the Troika will literally kill me. Trust me, tough, there is some good stuff! Some of the highlights for me:
  • The comedic musical numbers. Dancing, singing, brightly colored costumes—all my senses came alive!
  • The band. The music was great, the songs really kept the tempo up, and Matt Farmer played the violin. A tall Princeton man on a violin! Enough said.
  • Great stage management. Even though I saw a rehearsal, the transitions between set-ups seemed smooth and there were no awkward pauses between scenes. The same can be said for the lighting / cues / etc.
  • Great make-up and costuming.
  • Free beer.
The Libel Show Band was more talented than ever this year.

So, for those of you regretting that haven’t yet bought tickets yet (and you should buy tickets), there are still open seats available to the Wednesday and Friday shows-- tickets can be purchased at the door for $15. Do it. Or be lame.

I can't spoil this sketch, but it made me laugh and brought back some (not-so) fond memories of OGI- Rule 12(f)

Finally, I want to give quick shout-out to fellow UVA Law Blog editors Justincredible and J. Crew Model who lent their dance “skills” to the show. You should feel free to pester them in the hallways to teach you their sick moves and/or to break it on down.

JCM didn't have to modify his usual club dance for this routine.

Who says you only get to wear your tournament jersey once?

But yeah, I hope everyone enjoys the shows tonight, tomorrow, and Friday as much as 12(f) and I did.

102nd Libel Show [Official Website]

Ken Cuccinelli Has Just Sued the Federal Government

It seems like Ken Cuccinelli had just kicked-off his whole "gay people don't get protection from discrimination" campaign (NB: what he actually did was issue a letter to "Virginia’s public colleges and universities that advises them to rescind their policies banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.")

Don't think that's kept the UVA undergrad / GMU Law grad totally busy, though - Today, he sued the Federal Government to stop health-care reform:

RICHMOND -- Not five minutes after President Obama signed health-care legislation into law Tuesday, top staff members for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II made their way out of his office, court papers in hand and TV cameras in pursuit, and headed to Richmond's federal courthouse to sue to stop the measure.

Thirteen other state attorneys general also sought to stop the health-care law Tuesday, jointly suing in Florida. But Cuccinelli (R) went his own way, arguing that a Virginia law enacted this month that prohibits the government from requiring people to buy health insurance creates an "immediate, actual controversy" between state and federal law that gives the state unique standing on which to sue.

The move was classic Cuccinelli -- bold, defiant and in-your-face, an effort to use any means at his disposal to stop what he sees as a federal government gone wild. That approach has transformed him in just a few months from being a fairly obscure state senator into a national conservative folk hero -- a tea partier with conviction and, more importantly, power.

Read more.

Will people be forced to buy insurance? Maybe not in the Commonwealth . . .

Cuccinelli Sues Federal Government to Stop Health-Care Reform Law [Washington Post]

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not At All Related to UVA Law, But Rather March Madness

Here's an article from the Providence Journal about why one should think about cheering for the Big Red on Thursday - we think it's pretty good, although obviously we are biased. And yes, we promise to return the blog to its original format and stop our blatant Cornell trolling in short order:
Big Red are a throwback to a bygone era

By Bill Reynolds Journal Sports Writer

I am rooting for Cornell.

I am rooting for the Big Red because I once played in the Ivy League and know all too well about the league’s idiosyncrasies, the Friday-Saturday schedule, the long bus rides on cold winter nights around the Northeast, a league with no frills.

I am rooting for Cornell because the Ivy League is the only Division I conference in the country without athletic scholarships, in a sense the last true amateurs.

I am rooting for Cornell because in a sport that’s all about bigness and how many times you’re on television, a sport that’s all about seat licenses and boosters, as much about business as it is about basketball, the Big Red are a throwback to a time gone forever; a time when college basketball really was about the game and not the program.

Read more
The Big Red are Throwback from a By-Gone Era

Monday, March 22, 2010

Law Weekly: Giving Frustration

A couple of you wrote in or commented about it was frustrating to be asked for a donation pledge to the Law School Foundation by "Class Agents". I promised to try and make your grievances known, and I wrote a column in Friday's Law Weekly that takes up the issue:
It’s fair to say that—once again—the Class of 2010 is mumbling.
This time it’s not about people boycotting Pong-for-PILA or not having their corporations exams graded quickly enough. This time, the target is the Law School Foundation pledge drive.
Every year in the spring, a group of student volunteers organize a pledge drive for the Law School Foundation; current students are asked to “pledge” that they will give a donation in future years (i.e. after they graduate). To sign up, students simply fill out a “pledge card,” and it’s a done deal. Students can theoretically give any amount they wish.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some People Might Seize on This as Another Reason to be Upset About Graduation Dues

All 3Ls received this email today:
Dear 3L Class:

I write on behalf of the SBA and the 3L Graduation Committee to bring to your attention an incident that happened just before spring break. Around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 4, we discovered that a manila envelope containing some graduation dues had been removed from our treasurer's mailbox in Scott Commons. These particular checks had been placed in the mailbox the prior afternoon. Approximately 10 checks were affected. On March 4 and the days since we have worked with Dean Ballenger and the UVA Police Department to attempt to locate the missing checks and respond to a possible theft.

The affected checks were collected between Monday, February 15 and Thursday, February 19, when Graduation Committee members tabled in Hunton-Williams Hall. The Committee maintains an electronic file of all 3Ls who have paid their dues. This file had not, however, been updated to reflect the approximately 10 checks that the Committee collected between February 15 and February 19. If you paid dues at any other time outside of those dates, your check should not be affected and the Committee has a record that you paid.

If you paid graduation dues between February 15 and February 19, please email [redacted] as soon as possible. We are asking people to contact us because we need to notify law enforcement concerning who may be affected. Please contact Chelsea if you have other questions about the status of your dues.
Graduation Dues

Softball Season!

If you are anything like me you have been obsessively checking for the week 1 power rankings. But since they are a little slow over there, I figure I would pass the time by posting my own unbiased* list of teams to watch:

1. Co-Rec Brown (Co-Rec): these 3Ls proved they mean business this year with a decisive first week win over the North Ground Bombers (GUS). It wasn't even that close.

2. Hooligans (Men's): On Friday evening this band of 1Ls embarrassed the 3L Has Beens in 15-11 victory. While the 3L squad looked sharp in the field, their bats failed them. The 1Ls were strong on both sides of the ball. Plus they have a fan club, the Hooligals, who wear special tee-shirts and bring brownies. Baller.

3. Gunners (1L Section): Did they play well in their loss to the Shake Weights? No. Did they look good in their pink tee-shirts? Yes.

4. Libel Show (Co-Rec): But catch them on stage this week instead of on the softball field, if you want to see them at their best.

*I might be biased.