Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't Forget to Sign the Little Registration Book

Dark, dark things await for those who fail to sign on the dotted line.

Chen Zhi-Zhong: The Coolest 1L We Never Got to Meet


Anonymous said...

Was not sure where else to ask this question: How exactly do you go over last semester's exams with professors? Do you print it out yourself and then bring that to his office after making an appointment? It doesn't break the honor code or exam rules to print the exam out?

Anonymous said...

(You can also ask your PAs...)

I would email the professor and ask what they want you to do. Usually they have the printouts, possibly marked up (or with dirt from the staircase they threw them down).

Wait till you have all your grades though -- helps to know if you suck at Torts, or law school in general, so you know who/what to ask.