Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Some of you wanted us to point out that Barristers tickets have gotten more expensive: OK, Barristers tickets have gotten more expensive (along with everything else) compared to last year, although there has been some amount of fluctuation in recent years.

Here's a table of Barrister's Ball ticket costs:
Year: (drinker cost) (non-drinker cost)
2010: $ 60 45
2009: 50 40
2008: 55 40
2007: [someone let me know what this was]
In "researching" this question, we came across an email from the then-SBA President about the 2008 prices that as follows:
. . . Finally, with regards to the price of the ticket, we know that $55 for a ticket including drinks is no small sum. There are a number of reasons explaining the price. First, last year’s tickets were underpriced – the SBA took a hit of roughly $15,000. Second, the costs of additional precautions have driven up the price. This year’s Barrister’s Ball will include gaming tables that will provide additional entertainment so that the event is not blatantly a “stand around and drink” concept and thus approved by the ABC. In addition to the extra entertainment, we’ve also included more food, both a DJ and a live band, busses, and more. Fry’s Spring has been recently renovated, and we think it’s going to be a great venue.
Just some food for thought. We wonder what made this years tickets (even) more expensive. Anyway, we'll be there - our first time going - and report back on whether or not it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

Um, if the SBA took a hit of $15,000, even if 1000 people went, that means tickets were underpriced $15 per person. So it seems to be that the SBA still has to be $10,000 more economical than it was that year, not counting the general rise in costs. Or the SBA loses $10,000 on this every year?

Anonymous said...

ill pay 60 bucks this year to see another jackass get tasered and arrested.

Anonymous said...

I still have my old law school laptop - tickets were $35 in 2004.

Anonymous said...

My guess is it partially has to do with decreased firm involvement - gone are the days of firm sponsorship for these events.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when J-term grades usually come out? What is the deadline?

J. Crew Model said...