Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Libelowski Cancelled (for now at least)

Apparently the bowling alley is suffering some kind of structural damage from the snow - the powers that be are searching for an alternate venue; we're sure they'd appreciate any volunteers. The party was originally scheduled for Thursday night.

EDIT: New Location:
Despite The Snowpocalypse's numerous attempts now to derail The Libel Show, The Big Libelowski will now be at Trinity bar on The Corner. There will be an open bar starting at 10:00pm and running until we can just afford to put on some sort of comedy show on March (end plug). The theme remains the same: Come as The Dude, The Jesus, Walter, Maude, Donny, Nihilists, whatever; just prepare to enjoy some white russians or whatever else you desire. Human bowling optional.

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