Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review: Barristers

Recently, Rule(12)f promised to write a thorough review of last night's Barrister's Ball. However, after searching his heart, he decided that he could not write a truly honest review for fear of reprisal from his date for negative comments. Because I don't care about my date's feelings, I have been drafted to give the run down.

Ambiance: The event was held in a ballroom at the Boar's Head Inn, which right away makes it classier than most places I visit on Saturday nights. The venue was nice, spacious, with fancy mirrors and chandeliers lending an aura of elegance to the event.

By about 10:30, when the last buses arrived, the room was packed. It seemed to me that everyone turned themselves out well and I hardly recognized anyone in their fancy attire. I had to envision everyone I bumped into in softball gear before I could tell who they were. I must say, UVA Law students are much better looking than I thought!

Decor: I have to confess that I got a particularly good look at the decorations as I was the first person in attendance. Literally, I was the first one there. In theory the theme of the event was Casino Royale (redux), but there was little evidence of any theme at all. I know for sure Daniel Craig wasn't there because, trust me, I looked.

The tables scattered around the dance floor had red and white tablecloths with candle/flower centerpieces. The centerpieces were surrounded by playing cards. This was the decor.

Service: The drink service did not start until 9:30, which gave me about 35 minutes to really scope out the bar placement and selection. I must say I was pretty impressed. In years past there has been serious problems with alcohol distribution at Barrister's. This year the situation seemed well in hand.

With three large full-service bars there was never a very long wait from drinks. Also, for those still worried about standing in line, the bar tenders had no problem with dispensing multiple drinks to one person. The selection was large, and there seemed no threat of running dry. If less than inspired decor helped fund moar drinks, I think the trade-off was a good one.

Music: The music was well-liked on the whole, as was evidenced by the packed dance floor (the good drink service also helped). There was a mix of current and middle school dance hits, with a nice segment of Micheal Jackson songs. Still, I do have a personal beef with the DJ: he only played 25 seconds of Single Ladies before mixing to something else. That's my jam man.

Food: The food was good, while it lasted. Not a huge spread, there were mini quiches, some meaty pastry things, cheese, veggies, fruit, crackers....your traditional fancy event hors d'oeuvres. However, sadly, when at about 11:45 I started craving something savory, there were no more snacks to be had. Hard to thread the needle between too few drinks and too few snacks, I know, but I would have killed for some cheddar.

Transportation: It was cold last night, but the buses were warm and frequent. Thank god. Also, I arrived on the first bus alone with my date: it was sort of like arriving in a hummer limo. Baller, I know.

Other: Even when I arrived, well before the party started, there was a battalion of police officers guarding the (empty) ballroom. Still, despite awkwardly asking one police officer for directions to the bathroom, I hardly noticed them after awhile. And since I haven't yet heard of any major destruction to Boar's Head, I think the army was probably a good call.

Price: So, 60 bucks is pretty steep. Especially considering how much we pay for law school already. Still, Justincredible spent $60 bucks at Boylan last night and didn't get to hangout with me, so I guess it is all relative.

Overall grade : A-. A few more snacks, a few more compliements of my dress, or the chance to really shake my grove thing to Beyonce would have made the difference.

Note: Thank you J. Crew Model for formulating the above review criteria. Couldn't do it without you.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting thing about Barrister's which has been true the past two years: it's a night to forget you're all students at the same law school, and a night to play little social lawyer who has just realized the world is dog-eat-dog and every man for himself.

By that I mean the common courtesy you'd extend to people you consider more-than-strangers just flies out the window.


People routinely cut in line to get their ID checked and get in.

Despite very efficient bar service, boxing out / drink ordering was particularly aggressive. Trying hard to impress that date, guys?

Taxi cabs. Of course no one respected that cabs were called by particular people- and this is before the mad rush at the end of the night. But on top of that, people were doing the "walk half a block ahead of the dude/girl/couple waiting" thing, so they could grab the next cab first-- even though, presumably, the dude/girl/couple waiting outside in the cold for a few minutes was probably waiting for the cab that he/she/they actually called. You'd get called out for that shit by total strangers in any city.

These people seemed way more pathetic than the less-than-assertive types who just couldn't keep up.

Anonymous said...

7:49, that's why the cool & normal people at this law school don't go to Barrister's. You seem like a sensible guy so next year skip it and hit the corner/downtown mall instead. Much better choice.

justincredible said...

protip: $60 out w/ friends at a college bar >>> $60 for a grad school formal.