Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow: 0, Feb Club: 1 (But There is a Venue Change for Tonight's Festivities)

Well we were in the midst of typing up a "real" and "substantive" post, when we got an urgent communique that the powers to be ask that we post just in case you didn't read it on that other blog:
Due to a lack of running water at our house, we have had to move our party. Fortunately, the lovely ladies of 1108 Preston have graciously offered their house. The theme (Winter Beer Olympics) remains the same, although you may still find the magical forest from Feb Club Eve. There will be plenty of drinking games for all, and we're even planning gluten-free options.
This is the same place as the Feb Club Eve / What's Your Fantasy party. Which works out, because our fantasy is to be athlete (who drinks beer).

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