Thursday, March 18, 2010

Admitted Students, FTW

Looks like SRO is turning on the magic weather machine for the admitted students. All we can say is that the BBQ sure was tasty, and we hope to see many of the admitted students out at bar review (we won't actually be there because we have the Accounting Final on Saturday).

If there are any admitted students reading this, here is our advice. In addition, try to go to Harmon's talk (she's cool),

And, for the love all that is good and holy . . . grab your boxed lunch before they run out ! ! ! *Waits for 100 poor and hungry law students to hang around the Caplin Auditorium at 12.20 tomorrow.*

There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

How to Pick a Law School: A Two-Step Guide [Law Weekly]


Anonymous said...

Don't come to UVa! You won't get a job.

Anonymous said...

Come to UVA only at your peril, admitted students. Joblessness is common among 2Ls.

Anonymous said...

everyone gets a job!

Anonymous said...

If you want to go to law school, UVa is the place to be.

Just make sure you really want to go to law school. The misinformation-- partly a result of the difficulty of acquiring it, and mostly a result of a set of cognitive biases embarrassingly pervasive among highly qualified law school applicants-- that taints the decision-making process of when and where to go to school is real, and few are immune to it.

I'd consider the following:

1. If you shine at UVA, you'll have nearly just as many if not more opportunities as top students at higher-ranked schools.

2. You might not be The Shit at UVA even if you've done well at a GOOD university and have a bangin' above-median LSAT score. People here (and at other top schools) are ridiculously smart and hard working.

3. You probably need to do better than you think to get the job/clerkship of your dreams. This is ESPECIALLY true for people interested in public service!

4. Debt and working in the public interest are extremely incompatible. Yes, people do it, but whatever back of the napkin calculations you've done will seem less and less conclusive as you mature in law school and realize how much you value financial security (it's not just about having nice things, though you'll probably begin to want more of those as well, as much as you think you won't right now).

5. For many of you, once you actually internalize points 3 and 4 above, you will try to get a job with a firm. It's easier, pays well, and provides more of a guarantee by fall of 2L year that you'll be employed upon graduation (few PI employers hire out of their intern programs). You'll try to convince yourself you'll just switch over after several years of practice.

6. But getting a firm job is still hard, unless you're a top student. No one knows the stats for Class of 2011. Plenty of people at median got SA positions. Some below median got SA positions, and some above it struck out. But suffice it to say that many deserving people were shut out this year.

7. Legal careers, especially with firms, are very "tracked"-- if you miss the train you'll be waiting a long time for another one. So striking out at OGI is a big deal. Getting no-offered is, too.

Anonymous said...

There's no denying the legal industry has sucked the last few years, but that's true at pretty much every law school outside of HYS (although they've had their share of problems in this economy too, especially Harvard during the Fall 2008 recruiting period).

12:37, 12:38, and 9:41 are all far from the mark, but a top-14 law school is not the sure fire ticket to a six figure income it was 3 or 4 years ago. Whatever law school you decided to go to, you really need to investigate what the legal industry looks like these days. Make sure you know what you're in for before you take the plunge. Big law is a competitive industry, and it's very unclear where it's headed over the next decade.

That said, I have to echo 10:56. If you are sure you want to go to law school UVA is the place to be, unless you break into the HYS block. I did a lot of research when making my decision back in Spring of '08, and the fact of that matter is that every T-14 school between Georgetown (#14) and Stanford (#3) has almost the exact same employment statistics. The only variations are that at some of those schools a higher percentage of students clerk rather then going straight into practice (probably a good thing), and geographic concentration (e.g, you're more likely to end up in DC than NY coming out of UVA). In light of that, I decided to go to the school I thought I would be happiest at rather than slavishly follow the US News rankings. If I had to make the decision all over I wouldn't do it any differently.

Good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

@3:52, 1Ls should be seen and not heard.

Anonymous said...

"T-14"? Just because this says "Cornell" in the header doesn't mean you should act like you go there.

Top TEN, buddy.

Anonymous said...

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