Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No More Google Ads - But Here Are the Stats

This is probably not of interest to any but our most hardcore followers, but there is going to be a change to the advertisement policy at UVA Law Blog - mainly, there won't be any more ads - Google pulled the plug on the outside ads - but in the spirit of full disclosure, here's what the finances for this site have looked liked so far:
UVA Law Blog Income Statements

Year 2008
Domain -10
DTD Contest Payable -10

Year 2009
AdSense Revenue 103
Domain -10
Income Taxes Paid (103 dollars of Hobby Income @ 4.53%) -5

Year 2010
Adense Revenue 0
Outside sponorship 70
Donation - Salvation Army -10
Donation - YLD Book Drive -10
Donation - UNICEF -50
Pay Pal Fees -3
Donation - "Hoos for Hati" -20
Trinity Bar Tab for UVA Law Blog Editors -2000
Net "Profit" 45
I haven't donated the remaining 45 dollars yet because it's contingent on the ad at right being up for an entire year (and who knows what this site will be doing in a year!) I also need to pay taxes on it, etc.


J. Crew Model said...

Wait, when was the $2000 bar tab at Trinity? Did you guys go without me?

Anonymous said...

were the advertisers upset by all the wgwag?