Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not At All Related to UVA Law, But Rather March Madness

Here's an article from the Providence Journal about why one should think about cheering for the Big Red on Thursday - we think it's pretty good, although obviously we are biased. And yes, we promise to return the blog to its original format and stop our blatant Cornell trolling in short order:
Big Red are a throwback to a bygone era

By Bill Reynolds Journal Sports Writer

I am rooting for Cornell.

I am rooting for the Big Red because I once played in the Ivy League and know all too well about the league’s idiosyncrasies, the Friday-Saturday schedule, the long bus rides on cold winter nights around the Northeast, a league with no frills.

I am rooting for Cornell because the Ivy League is the only Division I conference in the country without athletic scholarships, in a sense the last true amateurs.

I am rooting for Cornell because in a sport that’s all about bigness and how many times you’re on television, a sport that’s all about seat licenses and boosters, as much about business as it is about basketball, the Big Red are a throwback to a time gone forever; a time when college basketball really was about the game and not the program.

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The Big Red are Throwback from a By-Gone Era


Anonymous said...

U. of Cornell's theme song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swzh0ngMNJo

Anonymous said...

Still the worst "ivy"

Anonymous said...

One man's "mid-major" (altho, to be fair, the Ivy is a minor conference, not a mid-major) is another faceless, gigantic state school.

Anonymous said...