Sunday, March 21, 2010

Softball Season!

If you are anything like me you have been obsessively checking for the week 1 power rankings. But since they are a little slow over there, I figure I would pass the time by posting my own unbiased* list of teams to watch:

1. Co-Rec Brown (Co-Rec): these 3Ls proved they mean business this year with a decisive first week win over the North Ground Bombers (GUS). It wasn't even that close.

2. Hooligans (Men's): On Friday evening this band of 1Ls embarrassed the 3L Has Beens in 15-11 victory. While the 3L squad looked sharp in the field, their bats failed them. The 1Ls were strong on both sides of the ball. Plus they have a fan club, the Hooligals, who wear special tee-shirts and bring brownies. Baller.

3. Gunners (1L Section): Did they play well in their loss to the Shake Weights? No. Did they look good in their pink tee-shirts? Yes.

4. Libel Show (Co-Rec): But catch them on stage this week instead of on the softball field, if you want to see them at their best.

*I might be biased.

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