Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Live Blog: Charge to the Class of 2010

2:25 People filing in. Some of these people get in line for a Sam Adams Heavy – too early for this kid – and some finger cheeses. Already few seats left.

2:28 Random thoughts. I recognize most of these people, but did not think they were 3Ls. Considering the robust turnout, maybe they should have had this in the auditorium. Babies look like work.

2:32 No charging yet.

2:34 Intro by L.R. Usual boilerplate about Jeffries “needing no introduction” (just once I'd like someone to say "he needs no introduction" and sit down). Some interesting factoids about his time as Dean – he ushered in a self-sufficient law school; high percentage of giving by graduates of the Law School, and one other thing I forgot.  

2:35. Jeffries is honored and intimated. Honored because we selected him and intimidated because we don’t need advice. We don’t need advice because we have developed human relationships, have personal responsibility, know how to interact and work within a team structure etc…. I almost looked around for a Powerpoint presentation.  

2:36 Another thing we have (therefore not necessitating advice) is resourcefulness in the face of a dire job market. Jeffries opines that in the 40 years he has been affiliated with the law school, no graduating class has had it as bad as we do – an “unprecedented challenge.” However, he anticipates that things will (slowly) turn around. I appreciate the empathy. Perhaps tenured law professors can afford to empathize though.  

2:39 Recognizes Lillian BeVier who is retiring this year. He comments on her excellent teaching and scholarship and then moves on to her civic engagements. She’s on the board of this and the board of that and a volunteer for this organization – lots of impressive sounding names like “Jefferson” and “St. Anne’s Belfield” and “Legal.”  

2:41 Not only does Prof. BeVier have impressive titles, but she also does work for these organizations … for no compensation and early in the morning. But what makes her really special is her small acts of generosity, kindness, and hospitality. Turns out she invites prestigious groups (LR; PILA grant winners; women in the Federalist Society) to her house for drinks and dinner. I wonder what her house looks like.

2:42 All of this leads to our charge – “if you participate, join in, engage, and invest yourself in the community of which you are a part, you will be happy and you will be loved.” Not bad I guess – hard to argue with being happy and loved.  

2:43 Clapping  

2:44 Finis And that's it.  Less than 10 minutes in toto.

Maybe I missed the point of a "charge", but I didn't think it was to recognize a retiring (albeit deserving) professor and harass people who haven't pledged money yet. I was hoping for a fitting book-end to the "you're the most qualified class in the history of UVA Law" speech we got as 1Ls. You've made an excellent decision to become a lawyer; you're entering an honorable profession; so on and so forth. I guess I just left feeling a little underwhelmed - if I'm the only one, sound off on me anonymously in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Pretty weak, Jeffries.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't our school have a school-wide LISTSERV? Or does it?

Anonymous said...

10:09 - it does, and you just posted to it :P

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Anonymous said...

J. Crew, you skipped a lot of good lines.

Too much of BeVier, but It had a good clear message that people needed to hear. JCJ, jr. was saying if you think you came to law school to get a job or be prestigious you are missing the point. You should have come because this is something you loved and want to be passionate about. Be passionate about what is important to you, not your career but you life and your interests in a way that complements your career. and it will make you happy and make others around you happy to be with you. He didnt want to say it, but most of us have been valuing the wrong things. so rethink it.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 12:05.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, the school was way, way out of line attempting to shame people into donating. I myself have donated, but, honestly, I think those who have not have the better idea.

That was a disgraceful display on the law school's part.

Honestly, I think people should email Ballenger, or whoever to complain about that.

Anonymous said...

I personally will never donate until NGSL is disbanded or is 100% financially independent. I'll be damned if my hard-earned money is going to subsidize NGSL beer parties and free parking decals.

justincredible said...

god. not another j crew model post.

Anonymous said...

1:13 - Yeah. That 10k or however much money they raised for a children's charity this year was a real douchebag thing them for them to do.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I wasted 20 mins of my life listening to the charge. What a joke.