Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So WILL You be Able to Pick Up Your Cap and Gown w/out Paying Those Dues?

We opined on this topic earlier, but many of you still thought it was an open question.  From the latest email from the graduation committee, all signs point to "no":
Students who have paid their class dues may pick up caps and gowns during the following dates and times in SL 290, one of the trial classrooms.
As you may recall, the dues pay for:
The vast majority of the dues (approximately 4/5) pay for events and regalia related to graduation weekend itself. These events include a catered reception at the Law School the night before graduation and a breakfast Sunday before the university-wide graduation on the Lawn. Because of this financial support, students are able to bring an unlimited number of guests to the catered reception at the Law School. Lastly, the dues help purchase each graduating student’s cap, gown, and hood.
. . . 
In addition to funding graduation weekend events, our dues pay for 3L events throughout the year. For example, this week, we will host a 3L Bonfire at Montfair Farms that is open to every 3L student. We’ll be providing transportation to the event and refreshments for students attending the bonfire. Next semester, we will host several more 3L events including a wine tasting tour, golf tournament, and a reception accompanying the Class Charge. In conjunction with NGSL, we’ll also host the 3L Softball Tournament and provide plots and refreshments for 3Ls at Spring Foxfield.
What happens to any money left over (I ask this because the 3L tournament was canceled)?  Does it cover shortfall for other events, and if there isn't any, does it go to next year's graduation committee? Jusssst curious.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, if they are going to make me pay those silly dues to get my cap and gown, they are going to have to SAY IT TO MY FACE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a broke 2L, and I think people bitching about these fees is ridiculous. OMGZ, I don't have a job, how am I going to get $55?!!! WTF, I don't drink alcohol so why should I pay for people who do?!!?! Wait a sec, the people who make these caps and gowns don't just give them away for free??!!!

You graduate law school once. Relax and enjoy it instead of whining about $55 freakin dollars that you could have saved simply by making coffee at your house for a few weeks.

uva3lotdlofwngsl said...

5:30, sorry bro, but your tiny pink argument cuts both ways; while it might be whiny to complain about a last measley $55, isn't it just as petty for the ls to require payment so that I can have the privilege of wearing their shitty rental cap and gown?

Anonymous said...

Not to be a jerk to my alma mater, but I don't have an unlimited number of guests lined up to go to the catered reception at the school. I anticipate having exactly ZERO people in attendance, including myself.

Yeah in the grand scheme of things, maybe $55 isn't that much money - but I'm really feeling beleaguered by the law school. I don't have an income, I've just dropped four grand getting ready for the bar. I've pledged money for the next four years. Just GET OFF MY BACK ALREADY. Christ. I want to just give them access to my checking account so they can grab whatever they need and leave me the hell alone.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly how I feel. It's one expensive after another. If you need $55 for caps and gowns, then increase the student fees and leave me the hell alone.

Anonymous said...

You do not need to pay the $55 to pick up your cap and gown. Once the caps/gowns are distributed to the people who paid, they will give caps/gowns to those who have not paid. Don't let them scare you into paying.

Anonymous said...

I won't pay $55 for a gap and gown
-Wearing a bathing suit to graduation

Anonymous said...

Do-it-yourself graduation kit:

What You Need

Plastic or Paper Bowl
8" x 8" Matching Card Stock