Thursday, April 15, 2010

UVA Law Blog Nominated for Clear Admit's "Best of Blogging" Award

To toot our own horn for a while: this blog got nominated as one of the best law school blogs by the Clear Admit website.  So, while we can't throw together a moot court brief with the right number of words, at least the blog is not (universally) disliked (yet).  Thanks to everyone who has been reading and supporting us to make this so.

ASIDE: Don't forget to go to the picnic today.  Everyone knows that an SBA President is ultimately judged by the success/failure of the Spring and Fall picnic.  Which basically comes down as to whether or not there is enough food.  Game on, Chris Martin, game on: today you stand toe to toe with Leung, Quillian, Rosenthal, and lord knows who else . . .  of course, if we were President, the picnics would be catered by Boar's Head and Mas, with unlimited servings and full open bar.


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