Monday, July 19, 2010

A Few (Winding-Down) Items

FIRST:  Since we disabled the comments (became to lazy/busy to moderate all the spam and flame) a lot of you have been emailing or g-chatting me about OGI-angst, etc, asking for a reprise of our OGI coverage.  We apologize, but we are retired - from our current spot in the cultural mecca of the Empire State there's no way we can really effectively oversee, let alone report on, any on-grounds developments.  Hopefully someone will take our place.  But in the meantime, best of luck, guys.  Please feel free check out our previous OGI coverage.

SECOND: Studying for the bar starts out being fun and gets progressively less fun as the summer progresses.  Count on it.

THIRD: We're going to be starting something new after the bar.  It will be different (and not at all UVA Law related).  But hopefully it will be cool. 

FOURTH:  A random item - the NY Bar Examiners just sent us a link for candidates taking the Bar Exam in beautiful Buffalo, New York.  Apparently you can order a box lunch for the not-unconscionable price of 12.99 USD (not including tax), you can get one of a ham, turkey, tuna, or veggie wrap.  Excuse, me a wrap?  Some of will be lifting during the lunch break, and require a blend of complex carbohydrates and protein.  While the tuna is good, I sincerely doubt that the wrap material will provide the 1800 k/cal we'll need to power through 100 MBE questions . . . .

FIFTH: Our rights to this domain expire in a few weeks.  We are debating whether or not to pay for another year (costs money) - there probably would be few if any updates, but, there might be some limited historical value.  This is a long way of saying that if you see the site disappear, you'll know why.  In that event we'll might save a .pdf of everything that's been put up here, on the off chance that you wanted to know how all the various feuds and scandals and intrigues of the last three years came about, you could email us for it.